Traffic chaos in city

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Traffic chaos in city

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Clamping of illegally parked vehicles in the city has relaxed as it barely addressed erring motorists.

Blatant violations of traffic signs, most common of which are no-parking and no U-turn signs.

Tolerated non-compliance of the setback and parking area requirements by establishments had been blamed by the public for motorists left with no other option but to park along non-designated areas.

Commercial districts of the city continue to be pictures of traffic chaos with several vehicles parked along national highways, and narrow interior barangay and city roads.


Most of the roads along residential areas have also been converted into parking areas or garage.

No more clamping this time and even during the maiden launch of the clamping ordinance.

For lack of proper feedback mechanism on the part of the city government, public frustrations have been vented through the social media- -at times through The “DYRD Ang Kasaligan” Facebook Page.

The no garage-no vehicle doctrine has also been ignored for over a decade already, catching the city development planning team, if there is any, off guard in the inevitable surge of economic activities.

As vented in some of the feedbacks received through DYRD Ang Kasaligan Facebook Page and Textklamo Center, several blocks of the CPG Avenue, a national highway, have been converted into parking areas.

Roving tricycles-for-hire occupy almost 80 percent of every road stretch, a large truck occupying the whole width of a lane at night along Rizal St., the interior road connecting to Tamblot St. and leading to Bustrillos Road.


Motorcycles and at times, four-wheel vehicles, crowd in front of the temporary office of the Philippine Coast Guard along Palma St.


Across University of Bohol, parked vehicles line the whole street and pedestrians prefer to walk on the street instead of the sidewalk most of the time.

At the ICM area, both private vehicles and public utility vehicles just stop anytime and anywhere across the mall. A number of at times, they stop right in the middle of the road.

Also, despite several reports relayed to city authorities, tricycles-for-hire still crowd the no-stopping area along the portion by the entrance of ICM.


Multicabs that are public utility vehicles for which a waiting area is designated at the parking space of Dao Public Market across the mall still block portions of one of the entrance to the parking space. Most of the times, they block the entry to specific parking spaces for private vehicles.

This concern has also been relayed to city authorities. But until now, no action has been undertaken.


At choke points during rush hours, motorcycles and tricycles-for-hire insert into the clogged intersections, thus worsening the situation.

The portion along Alturas Mall on M.H. Del Pilar St. has been become a choke point since the expansion of the establishment.

Some tricycles-for-hire turn left from the intersection of Belderol St. and CPG Ave. when it prohibited.

Tricycles-for-hire also continue to violate the no-parking policy along the CPG Ave side of BQ Mall which is a clamping zone.

PUVs also just freely stop across the entrance of HNU along J.A. Clarin St. to wait for passengers, some occupy a portion of the street for running vehicles while some park at the road shoulder. At early night during class days, PUVs clog both sides of the road.

The most numerous complaints received at DYRD Textklamo Center are overcharging of fare and refusal to take passengers by tricycles-for-hire.

The city government conducts seminars for tricycle drivers by batch every Saturday, according to the city mayor.

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