Was it “Georgie” I was talking to or her spirit?

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Was it “Georgie” I was talking to or her spirit?

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* Psychic expert Licauco says the
dead sometimes linger on earth.

Mayor Gisela “Georgie” Boniel during a social gathering with Raul Gatal, “Roving Eye” of Lifestyle-Bohol Chronicle.

“Ok lang.  We will just talk.” 

That was the only reply of Mayor Gisela B. Boniel when Lifestyle-Bohol Chronicle’s “Roving Eye” Raul Gatal called her mobile phone at 10:17 Wednesday night or 18 hours after she was allegedly shot on board a pumpboat shortly before her body was thrown into the seawaters between Bohol and Cebu Wednesday dawn.

“It was her voice on the other end of the line,” Gatal asserted after he called the mayor upon hearing of the incident relayed to him by Chronicle senior writer Chito Visarra who was at the Chronicle-DYRD editorial offices trying to verify the breaking news about the Boniel couple.


Lifestyle-Bohol writer Gatal, who calls her “Georgie” is a friend of the lady mayor.

He calls Gisela “Georgie” as her Facebook account tags the name “Georgie Bendf.”

The two are close enough friends that when they meet in social functions, the mayor would even ask Gatal “Ok ba itong dress ko?”

“So when I heard the news, I immediately called her mobile phone,” Gatal narrated.

“She did not answer on the first ring. But, on the second call I made a few seconds later, I heard her voice,” Gatal asked “Kumusta ka? I heard the news,” and I capped the brief talk telling her “I’m just a text away for any help we can do.”

When the details of the incident started to reach the media, Gatal started to be skeptical on why Gisela was still able to answer the call while it was stated by the boatman that the lady mayor was allegedly shot on board a pump boat about 4 to 5 am Wednesday or three hours after she was pulled out from the resort room by her husband, Board Member Nino Rey Boniel.


The “mysterious” brief conversation between Gisela and Gatal happened already in the evening of Wednesday or some 18 hours after the mayor was reportedly shot.


If indeed Gisela died Wednesday dawn, then that conversation could be added to stories of strange incidents where one could be talking over the phone to a dead person. 


Asked by the Chronicle to comment on this, psychic phenomenon  “guru” Jimmy Licauco said, “your writer was talking to Gisela’s spirit.”.


“It’s not impossible as I know of several stories like this,” Licauco said during a phone interview last night.

He explained that when a person dies, his consciousness stays with him for awhile depending on his level of consciousness. 


The traditional belief by Catholics is that the spirit could stay 40 days, thus the 40-night prayer is adopted. However, a spirit could roam around more than that period of time, Licauco said.

In fact, there are cases where dead persons are seen doing their usual chores even days, months after they died.  He narrated of a case regarding a man who used to go to a public library every day who was seen sitting on the same chair days after he was already buried.

Licauco who has written several books on the paranormal and strange supernatural behaviors also writes a weekly column in The Philippine Daily Inquirer (regarding the same) will be interviewed over dyRD’s Inyong Alagad program tomorrow. 

Invited by the BCRC years ago. Licauco spotted one particular chocolate hill in Carmen which he said was “inhabited by several non-human beings. They do not want to be disturbed.” He was here with another Muslim healer named Warka who had healed many great and ordinary personalities here and abroad.

He was acquainted with the odd “Bionic Boy” aka Ronnie Joaquin who seemed to have the encyclopedic knowledge of all subjects and languages spoken in a computer like voice emanating from Ronnie.  Jimi is also familiar with many local (especially from Pangasinan and Baguio) and foreign healers.

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