Power barge to arrive in Ubay today

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Power barge to arrive in Ubay today

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The power barge which left General Santos City last Thursday will be moored at the port in Tapal, Ubay town on a temporary set-up until the mooring facilities in Catagbacan, Loon will be prepared to accommodate the 4,000 toner barge

The power barge has a rated capacity of 32 megawatts, but can provide some 26 megawatts once commissioned, according to Engr. Eliezer Borja, electrical maintenance supervisor of SPC Island Power. 

The barge moving at 5 knots per hour will arrive on Tuesday. However, if rough seas will be encountered, the barge will be arriving on Wednesday.

The testing of the power output of the barge will be completed within 4 to 5 days, Borja said.


The transmission line from the barge to the land based connection will run for four kilometers. The crew from Bohol Light Co., Boheco I and Boheco II are fast tracking the completion of the 4-km transmission line.

The  provincial government inked a deal with the ,power barge owner to adopt a “no use-no pay” policy  in order to minimize the payment of the consuming public.


The Visayas power grid still struggles for gross reserve a month and a week now after a magnitude 6.5 earthquake struck Leyte where the geothermal plant of the Energy Development Corporation (EDC) is located.

The National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) expects a negative (-) 24-megawatt gross reserve this evening.

As of 4 p.m. yesterday, the NGCP power situation outlook for today shows that the system capacity in the evening could reach 1,667 MW while the system peak or the highest demand or load would be 1,386 which means a shortage of 24 MW.


NGCP is, however, positive of 43 MW in gross reserve in the morning today and 26 MW in the afternoon.


In the morning today, NGCP projected the system capacity at 1,723 while the system peak would be 1,700.

In the afternoon, the system capacity would be 1,726 while the system peak would be 1,691 MW.

However, there is hope that by 6p.m., today’s reserve would be 61 MW where the system capacity is at 1,824 MW and the system peak is at 1,763.


The weekly outlook for Bohol from August 12-18, the NGCP placed zero megawatt either for reserve power or deficiency.

The daily capacity from Bohol is placed at 14 MW where 10 MW comes from diesel power plant and 4 MW from hydro power plants.


Bohol relies on Leyte for bulk of power supply where 59 MW was source for yesterday’s consumption.

NGCP also projected an import from Leyte of 59 MW for today, 56 MW for Monday, 57 MW for Tuesday, 61 MW for Wednesday, 60 MW for Thursday, and 60 MW also for Friday.

System load yesterday was 73 MW which is the same for today.

NGCP projected the system load of 70 MW for Monday, 71 MW for Tuesday, 75 MW for Wednesday, 74 MW for Thursday, and 74 MW also for Friday.

NGCP placed the projected daily required reserve at 3 MW until Friday.

The required contingency reserve is placed at 4 MW daily until Friday; while the required dispatchable reserve is also 4 MW until Friday.

For the Visayas, NGCP has daily capacity of 1,868 MW for the week where 1,041 MW come from coal or thermal plants, 289 MW come from diesel plants, 524 MW come from geothermal, 1 MW comes from renewable energy, and 13 MW from hydro-power plants.

The system load for the week is projected at 176 MW for today, 48 MW for Monday, 43 MW for Tuesday, 36 MW for Wednesday, 32 MW for Thursday, and 41 MW for Friday.

The projected gross reserve is projected at 1,692 MW for today, 1,891 MW for Monday, 1,825 MW for Tuesday, 1,832 MW for Wednesday, 1,835 MW for Thursday, and 1,826 MW for Friday.

The transmission line limitation is projected at 32 MW for today, 15 MW for Monday, 9 MW for Tuesday, 32 MW for Wednesday, 22 MW for Thursday, and 2 MW for Friday.

The required regulating reserve is projected at 68 MW for today, and 73 MW daily from Monday to Friday.

The required contingency reserve is projected at 150 MW daily from today until Friday.

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