Bohol town councilor faces rap for piercing colleague’s ear

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Bohol town councilor faces rap for piercing colleague’s ear

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The clash between two Jagna Sangguniang Bayan (SB) members has been elevated to the Sangguniang Panlalawigan in prelude to filing of proper charges.

Jagna SB Member Edsel Tutor filed a complaint against his fellow SB member, Maricris Jamora, before the SP, for piercing his ear during the recess of their budget hearing on October 6.

“I am filing a complaint against my co-member of the Sangguniang Bayan of Jagna, Maricris Jamora, for violation of the provisions of Ethical Code of Conduct of Government Officials and Public Officers under Republic Act 6713 akin to acts unbecoming of a public officer,” Tutor stated in his letter to Acting Vice-Gov. Venzencio Arcamo.

Attached to his letter to the vice governor are his affidavit-complaint, together with affidavits of witnesses, and the police report on the incident.

Tutor requested that after conducting a preliminary hearing, the proper charges be filed against Jamora.


Tutor narrated in his affidavit that they were having the budget hearing of the SB on October 6 and at around noontime, the incident happened.

He said that he was talking with Liga ng mga Barangay president Jovita Achas at the session hall when Jamora confronted him and pierced his left ear in “a very scandalous manner”.

He said Jamora reacted to his conversation with Achas.

After piercing his ear, which obtained some bruises, Jamora then slammed a glass, then kicked the cubicles and pointed her fingers at him, shouting invectives.

Jagna SB Members Teofisto Pagar Jr. and Antonio Aniscal, who were present when the incident happened, also issued their separate affidavits corroborating Tutor’s allegations.

Tutor said the incident left him dumbfounded and totally shocked.


Tutor explained that it took time for him to report the incident to the municipal police station and have himself physically examined by Dr. Arnold Cagulada, the municipal health officer of Jagna.


An extract copy of the police blotter and the medical certificate issued by Dr. Cagulada were also attached to Tutor’s complaint.

He said the acts of Jamora were unbecoming of a public official and were violative of RA 6713 which mandates that public officials should act professionally.

In their separate affidavits, Pagar and Aniscal supported the allegations of Tutor with additional statement that they advised Tutor to report the incident to the local police but Tutor apparently was still in the state of shock and only reported the matter two days later.


They also said that after kicking the cubicles, Jamora pointed her fingers at Tutor, shouting invectives in vernacular, “Buang Ka. Bayot ka, bayot ka. ( you are fool, you are gay, you are gay)”.

In the police report, it is narrated that at 12:25 p.m. on October 6, Jamora allegedly got wild inside the SB session hall and clawed Tutor’s left ear that caused minor injuries due to force and her fingernails.


It is also stated that Jamora allegedly reacted and got mad about the topic in the conversation between Tutor and Achas.

After slamming the glass that she used, she allegedly kicked the cubicles and pointed a finger at Tutor as she uttered the invectives.

It is also in the police report that Jamora even attempted to pick up a logbook that she could throw at Tutor, but was pacified by fellow SB Member Arnold Pielago and Jagna Vice Mayor Dodong Virtudes.

During the SB session on October 18, Jamora “accepted her error and apologized to Tutor.

Jamora mentioned the incident during the October 18 SB session, as stated in the minutes, where she said the incident happened during the recess of the budget hearing.

She admitted that she owed an explanation to “the person whom she had offended so much”, referring to Tutor.

She also commended Aniscal for advising her that patience could have been observed at that time.

However, being human, she could “commit mistakes and be susceptible to hurt feelings, prone to reactions and non-impeccable.”

She said that, in fact, she approach each one to ask for apology after the incident.

She, however, believed that she owed no explanation to the rest of the SB members for the incident since it was just between her and Tutor.

Jamora also said that while both parties had been hurt, there would a proper venue to iron out the matter.

She said she hoped to put closure to the issue and that if the august body was dragged into the issue, she would ask for apology, but reiterated that it was between her and Tutor only.

She added that she hoped no other person would meddle.

Whatever are the plans of Tutor, she would take it as a consequence and would face it, Jamora added.

She also said that whatever observations they had, she hoped that they would live by it and be firm with it.

Amid the controversy, Jamora called for more service to the people “rather than waste time in magnifying the personal grudges among SB members”.

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