Chatto calls on LGUs: protect seawaters

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Chatto calls on LGUs: protect seawaters

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Bohol faces the challenge of sustaining its marine biodiversity at the height of increased human activities brought about by tourism boom.

On this, Gov. Edgar Chatto instructed the local government units which areas of responsibility cover coastal areas to implement the rules in issuing permits to establishments and any other entity in relation to waste disposal.

The particular threat on seawaters focus on the coliform contamination on the seawaters along Alona Beach area in Panglao, based on the report from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR).

“Dako man na kaayo nga concern tungod kay ato man gyud panalipdan atong kadagatan. Mao man nay importante,” according to Chatto.


He said that the DENR had furnished the provincial government with results of the updating on the status of the coliform contamination on the seawaters of Panglao, particularly the Alona Beach area.

The governor said the provincial government evaluated the report from the DENR.

He added that although the DENR report shows that the coliform contamination level in the seawaters of Alona area in Panglao has been declining compared to the findings at the beginning of the year, it must be considered that the sea current is a factor and it means it is possible that there would be different trend in the findings at other times of the year.

“Pero ang the fact is naay ilang finding. So, kinahanglan nga aksyonan gyud na dayon,” Chatto pointed out.

In relation to the report on the coliform contamination, Chatto said he instructed the local government concerned to implement the findings of the DENR.

He said that since it is now the schedule for the processing of the renewal of business permits, the local government units should exercise its police power in ensuring compliance by the establishments with the rules designed to protect the marine resources.

“In fact, karon kay ting-renew man sa mga permits, karon maoy panahon nga kinahanglan ang mga LGUs mogamit sa ilahang gitawag nato’g mga police power nila pinaagi sa paghangyo sa mga… impose the rules nga naa sa atoang coastal areas. Discharge permits- -requirements na para usa sila mohatag og permit anang naggamit sa mga dili maayo nga practices diha,” according to Chatto.

He said what is important is for the LGUs to find a solution and that the provincial government is also assisting the LGUs.

“Magtigum pod mig balik sa Panglao Island Coordinating Council kay adto man didto ang panaghisgot anang bahina,” Chatto said.

He said he has urged the LGU concerned, together the DENR and the Bohol Environment Management Office (BEMO), to conduct another dialogue, especially on the concern over Alona area.

The governor said marine resources conservation or preservation actually concerns the entire Bohol, but Alona area needs greater attention.

“Kay sa Alona area ang dunay dako gyud nga component ani. Pero ang tibook lalawigan sa Bohol must take care of the coastal (area). So, dili lang kay ang mga Panglao areas, pero anaa gyud ang concentration saPanglao kay naa man diha ang problema,” Chatto pointed out.    

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