Alicia trails open for TAPP run, bike athletes’ training

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Alicia trails open for TAPP run, bike athletes’ training

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The trails at The Alicia Panoramic Park (TAPP) are open this week for runners and mountain bike riders wanting to familiarize with the track for a big sports tourism event this Saturday and Sunday, February 10 and 11.

A total of 364 trail runners have signed up for the 5 kilometer and 21 kilometer TAPP Trail Run 2018 which would bring endurance runners through the single tracks, foot paths, fire lines, rolling grassy hills, across creek while running the ridges of Bohols most panoramic sports park.

Yet considered the biggest sports tourism event of the town in time for the foundation days, the two days of gruelling races bring to the park runners and mountainbikers from the Visayas and including international athletes.

Also a baptism of fire for the towns recently established homestay program, the sports events according to Mayor Marnilou Ayuban, would determine the town people’s readiness to venture into extreme eco tourism.


Already a fast rising sports tourism destination following the three editions of annual cross country mountain bike races, the Alicia race fame is bolstered by the scenic views as the athlete tops TAPP ridges.

TAPP offers a spectacular view of the rolling hills and the towns of Mabini, Candijay, Alicia, Ubay, Talibon and Carlos P. Garcia plus the Bohol Sea.

As of Friday, Alicia tourism and information officer Godelia Lumugdang said 171 runners have signed up for the 5K while 193 runners would weave through the sea of clouds that blanket the hills of Cambaol, where TAPP is, to compete in the 21K run.

The race on Saturday February 10 speeds off from The Farm at 5:00 am and would get the 5 K runners from the starting line to 132 meters above sea level and then gradually winds up and down the hills back to The Farm.

On the other hand, 21 K runners must get past the 351 meters above sea level in the beginning part of the race to be assured of an easier cruise to the finish which can happen after three to five hours of gruelling running pace.

The following day, the trails would again take another kind of athletes.

TAPP would be the venue for the Kinatkatay sa Binabaje, the 3rd cross country mountainbike race, which has earned the reputation of being one of Bohols toughest MTB trails.

To date, organizers have not closed the registration although on day registrants may not be assured of the events shirt in their race kits, Lumugdang said.

Runners and mountain bike race participants may take to the trails this week although organizers still need to complete putting up the directional signages.

As this goes on, Mayor Ayuban has called on his constituents to give the best of the town as the race intends to be a showcase of Alicia to the world. (rahc/pia7/Bohol)

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