Tagbilaran traffic delays travel time

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Tagbilaran traffic delays travel time

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The past city administrations missed the foresight for a traffic jam that is inevitable in increasing economic activities sans farsighted planning.

The current city administration now faces the challenge of addressing the worsening traffic problem despite the clamping ordinance and the one-way loop system at the commercial district.

The city came up with the clamping ordinance to clear the thoroughfares of vehicles parked just anywhere, thus blocking the traffic flow.

The City Traffic Management Office (CTMO) implements the one-way loop system from the Plaza Rizal point of the CPG Avenue up to the intersection at Borja St., turning left to the intersection at Gallares St. and from the K of C point of Gallares St. up to the intersection at the side of the Cathedral.


Complaints of motorists have been flooding the social media about the delay in travel time along the one-way loop where travelling from Plaza Rizal or the point from the Old Capitol building up to J. Borja would take around 30-45 minutes.

Traffic in Tagbilaran has gone from BAD to WORSE! What is happening? Nidaghan kalit ang mga sakyanan or wrong planning lang jud?

Posted by Yvann Cloma-Lucero on Monday, April 2, 2018


Posted by Karla Tirol Magno on Monday, March 26, 2018

I'm not an expert, but Tagbilaran traffic, its management, the transportation service is poor. I don't jaywalk and…

Posted by Neil Gerard Paredes Reyes on Thursday, March 1, 2018


The bumber-to-bumper traffic along Gallares St. has been worse than the CPG Ave. side of the one-way loop, according to reactions from motorists.

This is compared to the travel time of one minute per kilometer at the outskirts.

The drive-thru entrance of McDonald’s at Calceta Road has also become a concern, since a vehicle waiting for his turn would block the road and causes the choke point at the intersection at J.A. Clarin St.

The McDonald’s drive thru has been approved by the current administration.


The fast release of cars has also been blamed, while the fast sales for cars has also been blamed on the poor public transport service.


There have also been complaints about the delivery trucks loading and unloading materials at hardware stores along CPG Ave.

The delivery trucks would stay for hours in front of hardware stores that block the traffic flow.

Jaywalking is also blamed for disrupted traffic flow.


On this, a caller reminded the public of the suggestion made in 2016 yet that a foot bridge would be constructed from BQ Mall to City Square.

According to the caller, the mayor already welcomed the suggestion and assured that it would be relayed to Rep. Rene Relampagos.


The challenge now is to come up with a five-year traffic plan.

Among the suggestions coming from listeners of top-rated DYRD Inyong Alagad public affairs program are additional roads, flyovers, overpass, and underpass roads.

It was also suggested to have wider roads and identify growth areas.

City Mayor John Geesnell Yap had earlier announced the implementation of absolute no-parking policy on both sides of Gallares St. from the intersection at Visarra St. starting this week.

Another plan that is being studied by the city government is to put up modular parking areas to discourage parking along the thoroughfares.

There was also a suggestion to make sure vehicles are parked in the garage of residences and not along the roads.

Another suggestion is to develop idle lands and expand development to the outskirts to decongest the commercial district at downtown area.

A wider coastal road from Mansasa District to the pier has also been sought for immediate implementation, a four-lane road, to be complemented with an interior road to Manga District in addition to the existing concrete interior roads.

An efficient mass transit has also been suggested to encourage the people to take the public transport instead of taking their own private vehicles at all times.

Another suggestion is to establish parking areas for vehicles from areas outside the city- -one at the Cogon area and another at the BQ Mall area, and take the public transport while already in the city; and that vehicles from within the city will have designated hours to travel.

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