Bohol Civil Society launched

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Bohol Civil Society launched

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PRESSCON. Fr. Cecil Lobregas and Ed Macalandag, president and vice president of the Bohol Civil Society (BoCiS) meet the local media during a press conference last Friday.


The Bohol Civil Society (BoCiS) kicked off its drive as a frontliner group of independent-minded civic-oriented individuals whose common vision is to empower the  Boholano citizenry freely while responsibly exercising their rights, uprightly fulfilling their civic duties, and living their lives in purposeful dignity.

The kick-off activity was the “Bakonado Ba Ka?” challenge conducted with some 100 netizens who were convinced to have themselves vaccinated at the City College last Friday.;

Fr. Cecil Lobregas, BoCiS president, during a press conference articulated the objective of the group while stressing the need to have an active and vibrant civil society which is needed to rally the people’s drive in addressing priority concerns in the community.


He said that since there are still some people not yet convinced to get vaccinated, the group decided to have the campaign for vaccination as their priority agenda. The group invited Dr. Maria Le Morgia Ruiz and Dr. Ernesto Mateo to speak on the need for vaccination. Since the city is at the peak of its vaccination activities, Mayor Baba Yap accommodated BoCiS activity which started with a Holy Mass at the St. Joseph Cathedral and a motorcade to the City College.

During a press conference, Fr. Lobregas stressed that BoCiS will soon meet with leaders of the various civic clubs as part of its membership expansion program while he emphasized that the group is non-partisan and will keep off from political affiliations.

The succeeding programs will include voters’ education with an emphasis on the campaign against vote-buying.

Other BoSiC officers are Ed Macalandag, vice president;  Atty. Irol Torres. secretary;  Sr. Nena Polinar, treasurer;  Fr. Vic Uy, SVD, Public Relations officer and Neneng Corales, auditor with Ray Pascual and Fred Ticong as members.


Bohol Civil Society (BoCiS) is a coming- together of like-minded individuals of different persuasions, disciplines, and professions, representing a wide spectrum of Boholano society. 


BoCis seeks to promote, highlight, and enhance that which already is and should be at the heart of every Boholano: the Boholano who is God-loving and God-fearing, humble in spirit, selfless and self-sacrificing, morally upright, incorruptible, peace-loving, and just.


The group believes that a decent and dignified quality of life is the right of every Boholano ( as it is for every human being) in his journey towards Total Human Development. 

BoCiS supports those who work for the physical well-being, security, and empowerment of every Boholano citizen. Our Bolan-on Bakunado campaign is our humble contribution to the overall efforts to vaccinate and protect the citizenry. We shall focus on an information and education campaign to combat vaccination hesitancy largely brought about by misinformation and disinformation.

The values of honesty, transparency and selfless servant leadership are and should be at the heart of every Boholano leader, whether in the political, religious, commercial and industrial, and professional arena, the BoCiS stressed.


Now that election is forthcoming, the group believes in vigorously defending the integrity of the electoral process and emphasizes that any attempt to violate and denigrate this process goes against the laws of man and God.

The group will empower a well-informed citizenry, characterized by solidarity, cooperation, and inclusive participation.


As part of its mandate, BoCiS believes in the promotion of social justice, especially for the least, the lost, and the last in society.

We believe in the diligent stewardship of God’s creation.”

BoCis seeks to have one with those who seek to preserve the integrity of the environment and those who advocate for a cleaner Bohol.

The group aims for partnerships and alliances with all sectors of Boholano society: both individuals and organizations, who share our vision of a progressive Boholano society.

“We invite everyone to join us in this crusade. This is your cause. This is your Bohol,” Fr. Lobregas concluded.

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