Tagbilaran turns gold

The City of Tagbilaran from afar.
The City of Tagbilaran from afar.

Fifty years ago or exactly on June 18, 1966, Republic Act No. 4660 was signed into law. It was the “Act Creating the City of Tagbilaran” and which took effect on the 1st of July of the same year.

Hence, on July 1 this year, Tagbilaran turns golds as the city celebrates its 50th Charter anniversary.

Luckily for us, the Bohol Chronicle was already a decade in existence at that time and was able to document well the historic event, giving vignettes of Tagbilaran’s history and also giving us today a glimpse of what transpired on those very days that a new city was born.


On June 26, 1966, its headline proudly bannered: Tagbilaran wins cityhood July 1. The news story tells how Tagbilaran finally became a city after thirteen years of political struggle. The executive approval is said to be a fulfillment of a pre-election pledge made by then          President Ferdinand Marcos in that year. The bill was signed in the presence of then Bohol Congressmen Natalio Castillo and Jose Zafra, two of the three authors of the measure; Mayor Venancio P. Inting who became the  first city mayor; Vice Mayor Luciano Pamaong; Councilor Heliodoro Zamora; Treaurer Arturo Fortich and other Bohol leaders.

But what could be very stirring is the Guest Editorial of this paper on that same issue. Written fifty years ago by the incoming City Mayor Inting, the message is a haunting voice from the past that could make any true-blue Tagbilaranon shed a tear or two as it  reflects on the true essence  of the city and the ideals upon which the city is being built. (lifestylebohol, The Bohol Chronicle)June 19, 2016)

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