Bohol dentists implement dental care drive in Tagbilaran day care centers

Dr Aniceta Villadores, former PDA Bohol Chapter president and Dr. Joanne Flores, PDA Bohol Chapter president

Contributed by: Eve Manapsal, Bohol Bloggers Collective

Led by the PDA – Bohol Chapter President Dr. Joanne Flores and Former Bohol Chapter President Dr. Aniceta Villadores, the Philippine Dental Association – Bohol Chapter, a non-stock, non-profit organization, is spearheading the implementation of Batang May K (Kalinisan, Kalusugan, Kinabukasan) project for 34 Day Care Centers around Tagbilaran City.

In partnership with the City Government of Tagbilaran and the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), the BMK project aims to improve the oral and general health of preschool children through the improvement of personal hygiene habits.


The partnership further aims to institutionalize, monitor, and evaluate the process of implementation of basic hygiene procedures such as frequent proper handwashing, tooth brushing, and fluoride varnish application. It also intends to influence local authorities to issue public policies on healthy practices on schools such as promoting  healthy food and beverages and discouraging soft drinks and junk foods in the school premises.

The 34 Daycare Centers will be evaluated after a year of implementation by requiring them to submit photographs and annual reports. Project leaders and assistance will also conduct surprise visits to support the implementation stage. Recognition awards will be given annually to schools that are compliant of the program.

Oral health is one of the fundamentals of a child’s health and well-being, thus it is important to teach oral care practices early. Day care centers provide the ideal supportive environment where their behaviors, beliefs, and attitudes are established.

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