Bizman, daughter shot shot dead in Sagbayan

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Bizman, daughter shot shot dead in Sagbayan

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Robbery tops two other possible angles in the ambush of a businessman, who is also a barangay kagawad, and his daughter while on the way home to Catigbian from the adjacent town of Sagbayan early morning yesterday.
Sagbayan chief of police, Senior Inspector Ricardo Tero, identified the victim as Eufemio Muñez, 43, and 14-year-old daughter, Flora Mae.
Muñez, a barangay kagawad of Causwagan Norte in Catigbian, died on the spot from gunshot wounds in the right ear, jaw and chest.
His daughter also died on the spot from two gunshot wounds on the chest and the arm. It was believed, though that the bullet went through her back.
Tero said the barangay kagawad was driving their motorcycle with his daughter in the back ride at around 5:45 a.m. yesterday on their way home to Poblacion, Catigbian.
They were ambushed in barangay Sta. Catalina, Sagbayan near the boundary to Catigbian—the area where military men were ambushed several years ago.
Tero said nobody lived in the area and that there is no signal there.
Munez operates a lumber and hardware store in Sagbayan town.
As investigators see it, there must be one lookout overlooking from a hill, another lookout by the roadside with the gunman.
Tero estimated that there could be four to five persons conniving to undertake the ambush.
The assailants must have an idea that the victims slept in Sagbayan on Friday and went home early the following day, according to Tero.
They must have blocked road with the branch of Mahogany tree found at the crime scene, causing the barangay kagawad to stop the motorcycle and they started shooting the victims.
It could also be that the assailants had thrown the branch of the tree when the victims passed, causing the latter to fall on the ground.
It could also be that the assailants started shooting at the victims while the motorcycle was still moving.
The victims have lumber-hardware stores in Catigbian, Panglao and Sagbayan.
Tero said the victim had just opened the Sagbayan branch called Muñez Construction Supply recently.
The chief of police of Sagbayan said they coordinated with the police team and officials of Catigbian who know more about the main target of the victims.

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