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cartoon editorialDESPITE  the Mamapasano Debacle, President Benigno Aquino should not resign nor apologize.

Maybe apologize for his lack of empathy in favoring a Japanese car manufacturer rites than meeting the dead carcasses of the Fallen 44 Heroes, yes. Nothing,more.

Saying apologies beyond that is not right-and besides, Noynoy does not have the plastic face of a GMA who (in the past) murmured ” I Am Sorry” on national TV for the “Hello Garci” case -and only people in Pampanga believed in the contriteness of her confession. 

The recent Pulse Asia survey revealed that because of the Mamasapano Incident, the approval rating of the president has gone the lowest since he assumed the presidency in 2010.


But the presidency is not necessarily a “popularity” game -and the greatest cheer leaders  of Aquino’s loss of political capital are only those who do not wish that his anointed candidate will win via the president’s cherished endorsement in 2016 (no matter how diluted).Too, Noynoy has enough time (about a full year) to recoup and explain properly his role in the Mamasapano Incident.

The presidency is a lonely job-must be lonelier without a First Lady for Noy. Its a heads- you lose; tails-you’re defeated- kind of “no win game”. If he had told his version of the story before the Board of Inquiry (BOI) came up with their official version- the president would be accused of trying to influence their judgment.

Now that the BOI report is public-some people are angry that the president does not believe all the angles of the BOI Report- and calls it a mere “damage control”.

Give us a break, Watson.

Put yourself in the shoes of Noynoy Aquino.

The country is facing its two worst enemies: China’s incursion into Philippine territory and the damage of climate change. In both instances, it is America, the Uncle Sam- who has been in the forefront of siding with Philippine interests. Aquino sides with Washington,politically -and Noy does not blush or tear his hair (whatever is  left) in emphasizing that.


Personally, too, the president is a duality of sorts- Filipino on the Aquino side; Chinese in the Cojuangco side. In the Marcos years, the Danding Cojuangco side was an estranged cousin and today- the side of (brother of Cory)  Peping Cojuangco (Tingting) wants the president to resign and replace him with a Transformation Council- with the blessings neither of people power or a legit elections. Understand Noynoy’s being pro-American, then.


America’s major global foes are two: terrorism and climate change,as well(despite her long hesitation to sign the Kyoto Principle on Climate Change).

“Oplan Exodus” , the child of “Oplan Wolverine”- was hatched by the USA to capture three internationally dreaded terrorists in Marwan, Usman and Jihad. Noy knew, that as part of the world global community war  against terrorism, we (RP) must contribute towards ending the menace.

We can imagine-Noy in the wee hours of the morning-alone and desolate in his Palace room, comforted only by his favorite jazz and samba music- but unable to sleep because he was bothered by a dilemma.What was that?


In a few weeks- Congress and the Senate could sign the historic Bangsamoro Basic Law BBL) -which if ratified into an organic law of the land could bring permanent peace to Mindanao- and perhaps make Noynoy a shiny candidate for “Nobel Peace Prize”- a feat equal if not more than  being  president of the nation.  He was aware “Oplan Exodus” could explode and rain on his party.

But as president , he made a decision to  go ahead with “Oplan Exodus”. His decision was a strategic one,as presidents are wont to make; he must not give way to managing the details of the warfare. If he did, then, he would be a manager,not a president.


As president ,like in the corporate world, he assigned the project to the specialists-= to the resigned SAF Director Gertulio Napenas, the operational expert. It is not true that Napenas was a poor planner. Recent TV footages (through military assets) done days before the January 25 Mamasapano Assault showed the presence of the “high value” terrorists and shots of the  Mamsapano landscape including the five rivers. Simulated assault training was done in Zamboanga City.

Alas the best plans can also go awry- hidden mines around Marwan’s hut, the hostility of the river depth and current, the grenades that wouldn’t explode and radio batteries defective. Why has  there been no peep about this scandalous PNP purchase- because they would hit top ranked officials approving the purchase? Why are the  all guns trained on the president?

President Aquino got assurances from the SAF-that there would be coordination-unfortunately, suspended PNP chief General Alan Purisima’s  promise na “ ako bahala kay Catapang” (of the AFP) never got carried out. Also, from our standpoint, even when an SOS was aired to the AFP , the latter must have some hesitation – in view of the on going peace process- and they were not even put on “red alert” (even without stating the reason- prior to the Masapano attack). The President’s fault?

That Aquino consulted the “Terror Expert” (former SAF member) Purisima on “Oplan Exodus” is what CEOs do for “special operations” and we are not faulting the president for it. Besides, much as we do not okay Purisima for the  corruption charges leveled to him, “suspension” does not mean he is already proven “bad” beyond reasonable doubt.  (But, boy , do we wait with glee when he faces actual trial).

The political enemies of Aquino are the ones vigorously pounding the table and saying that he “violated the chain of command” in not informing current PNP head Espinas and DILG chief  Mar Roxas on “Oplan Exodus” but only on the time-tested TOT (time on target) basis.

The Department of Justice  (DOJ) already opined that the PNP is a civilian organization (see, the cops even report to mayors and governors downstream) and the president as the duly elected president of a civilian government has command over all non-military agencies , including the PNP.

Besides, we were told there were 14 cases where when PNP coordinated with the AFP (meaning more people knew) about cornering Marwan; somehow, the cat seemed to get away all the time as if he had nine lives himself. Could you blame the president for the secrecy?

Meantime, nobody seems to be attacking the MILF for harboring international terrorists like Marwana and  Usman under their skirts  and are all training  their poisoned guns to the Palace? Is that right?

Most of all-let’s not forget ,Marwan-the target is dead and Uswan soon to be cornered in a few days. Mission accomplished? You bet, it was.

Resign, President Aquino? “Pure dung”, we still say.

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