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cartoon editorialOF COURSE, it is sad news to have fewer than more visitors this July during the Every-Three-Years  TBTK (Tigum Bolanon sa Tibuok Kalibutan) held in the province. All because of the tyranny of a traditional routine of holding festivities.

It’s barely 60 days before July. To be exact about 80 days before (TBTK) reaches its peak of the series of activities to welcome the  Boholanos’ homecoming..

Since this is a global reunion, we expect such a  unity can be the projected as a core value for Boholanos who are known to be have that culture of being close in the family- then to classmates-then  to town mates to province mates. Other sectors call us as patrons of “sectionalism”- but it’s (actually) a left handed compliment because that’s an admission that they (other provinces) could not muster the same cemented camaraderie like Boholanos have.

This year, its the turn for Bohol to be the venue of the TBTK, since it comes here every 3 years. But what makes TBTK this year with  to be with lesser participants from Canada and the United States is the fact the the Confederation of Boholanos in the United States and Canada (CONBUSAC) under Larry Galang will be holding its reunion in New Jersey this July, almost on the same date when Bohol will be hosting the TBTK under Neil Bonje.


No, there is not due to  divisiveness that resulted in  the split of  the venues but it was just  the rotation of hosting between CONBUSAC and TBTK which unfortunately resulted in the split.  But, mind you, this is the first time that TBTK is hosted in Bohol , minus the CONBUSAC event.

It is so unfortunate that it had to happen  now on the year after Boholanos from all over the world were expected to come home and see for themselves how Bohol rebounded from the aftermath of the strongest earthquake to hit the province almost two years ago.

It could have been the best opportune time for CONBUSAC and TBTK members to come home together in a somewhat sentimental  if affectionate journey this July. But, officers of both groups stuck to the rotation scheme in hosting the two events, thus it came for a split venue (after every six-year cycle).

We strongly felt that  both groups should have skipped the rotation scheme this time since Boholanos want to see more of their long lost kins back home to see how they are now after Bohol’s devastation due to the strong quake. Because as they say ” there is always an exception to the rule”. But not in this case, it seems.

But there could be another “damage volume control” that we can see, an unsolicited  advice to the organizers of the July TBTK event. It comes in the form of enthusing  our “domestic” balikbayans from the various provinces  to be welcomed the same fervor as we welcome those coming from abroad.

In previous TBTKs, those Bol-anons coming from Manila, Mindanao and the rest of the country felt that the TBTK was just for those coming from abroad. In  fact, the events  were  perceived to be  designed and prepared  preciselyfor  those coming from abroad thus they somewhat (falsely) felt  they were like second class citizens.  We hope Gov. Edgar Chatto as head of the province will see to it that the welcome reception and the rest of the activities will be a great grand welcome to everyone be they be coming from Mindanao or New York.


Wtih TBTK coming again this July, we expect family and class reunions to be held  and thus bringing the traditional Boholano deep bonding time. Of course,  we will again see our major city night hangouts, Metro Center Hotel and Bohol Tropics Resort jammed with people at night- folks wanting to see and be seen.


We do hope that this coming home of hundreds of Boholanos will auger well for trade and commerce, as these Boholanos will surely  be spending much during their stay. And as hosts, we expect everyone to be at their best trademark of hospitality as we all are known for.

We are glad that this time, both the city and provincial leadership are expressive of a “welcoming spirit” unlike in the previous years when we only see the Capitol doing the welcome reception, the former City Mayor very conspicuous by his absence.



With unremitting tenacity, fair-handedness, and obstinate bravery during the Senate Hearing of the infamous Mamasapano Incident,  Senator Grace Poe, who desires not the presidency, checked in a statistical tie  (for first place)with long-time front-running Vice President Jojo Binay  in the latest  March SWS 2016 presidential survey-for the person most wanted by Pinoys to succeed President Noy Aquino.

From 51% high in March last year, Binay dropped dangerously to 36% today (a year after) while by the Grace of Poe, the senator jumped 10 places from 21% in December to 31%. Given a plus/minus 3 % margin of error, both are, thereby, in a statistical tie.  Fearing Poe, Binay after a day the survey came out said “the nation does not need a neophyte” to run the affairs of government.


Another meteor that zoomed from nowhere is strong-armed mayor of Davao Rodrigo Duterte to 15% a dead heat tie with Manila mayor Erap Estrada ,also at 15%. However, it seems, Erap is now interested in a  Manila mayoralty reelection.

All these just go to show -that three months in a presidential race, is an eternity of politics where anything can happen. In fact just as LP’s presumptive candidate DILG secretary Mar Roxas seemed to have caught fire in December with 19%, he slipped back to 15% in March.

The LP had to do “damage control” by saying Roxas is  nowthe LP’s “The Man ” for president. But the president has not spoken yet.

The June 2015 Survey will be the most revealing. Watch for it.

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