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cartoon editorialTHE WISDOM of King Solomon himself.

That is at the least demanded  of a Political Genius that should guide the Liberal Party in its decision this June for the 2016 presidential elections.

The latest statement of President Noy Aquino that it is still DILG chief Mar Roxas (15% SWS last survey) who is on top of the list may have given away “Mr Palengke” as the LP  official candidate for the 2016 elections.

Senator Grace Poe, popularity darling, may accede to a vice presidential billing- easing off some personal pressure attendant to anyone aiming for the highest position of the land.


Maybe the LP has figured it out. The current SWS survey leader Vice President Jojo Binay, the Political Genius thinks, will detonate himself out of the winning position through the sheer volume of unrelenting charges of corruption against him-many of them not answered satisfactorily ,except that they are “politically motivated”.

They think, Political Genius says,  VP Binay (36%) is no longer unbeatable.

If he was truly unbeatable- why is it that no one- from Rodrigo Duterte, Manny Pangilinan, Grace Poe, Chiz Escudero- would allow themselves to go to bed with a presidential partner, who is already beaten black and blue (mostly blue) even before the race officially begins in October -when the certificates of candidacy are filed.

The Political Genius figures- if the phenomenal Grace Poe (31%)bows into the vice presidency, most (no all) of her votes would go to Roxas rather than Binay who had crossed swords recently with the female political Joan of Arc on the issues of experience vs corruption.

Further, the Political Genius, believes that this probability  would more than offset  Erap Estrada’s  (10%) chunk of followers who will vote on party lines as in for Binay as an UNA comrade.Especially since Senator Grace is not running directly against Binay.

There is political wisdom in egging the reluctant Rodrigo Duterte (15%) to be a shoo-in LP senatorial candidate – to be appointed almost immediately as DILG chief (fish to water) as soon as he is sworn into office. Presumably, Duterte (15%) will transfer his entire votes to Roxas- die-hard his supporters are for anything that the fighting Davao city mayor is for.


Of course, there is room for Duterte in the LP senate slate -since his only rivals would be the reelectionists plus Leila de Lima, Leni Robredo and possibly comebacking Kilo Pangilinan. That would solve Duterte’s logistic’s problem which has been a major counterweight why he is not taking a presidential bid too seriously.


From an objective standpoint- in all likelihood, most of senator Miriam Santiago’s votes (10%) would go to Roxas rather than to a Binay -on the basis of Miriam’s very sharp anti-graft platform.

Verily, the chance of Roxas vs Binay , are greatly enhanced -the lesser presidential candidates there are.

Political Genius wold probably talk to the Coalition presidential timbers Alan Peter Cayetano (NP) and Chiz Escudero(independent-former NPC)  not to muddle the presidential race- by staying away from it- with the promise of senate seats and local posts for their fellow partymates in the  Coalition  in 2016-backed by heavy artillery of logistics of the LP, being the dominant party in power.


It would then be just as easy ,as well, for PDP of the Pimentel group to coalesce with the LP -now that Duterte (their bet)is part of the Roxas team. Bongbong Marcos can do what he wants and so with Ping Lacson. At this point,both representing  political irrelevance.

Bongbong because he is a Marcos boy; Ping because his novelty is gone.


You see, Political Genius ,has figured it all out before we can- we , the lesser mortals.

As to that Mar-Grace tandem, there is little likelihood for an LP split because after all Grace Poe is not a card-bearing LP, merely a supportive coalition ally of megaton significance.

Then, they can begin to sell the so-called  18 uninterrupted years of Daang Matuwid,namely Aquino (2010-2016), Roxas (2016-2022) and the Amazing Grace (2022-2027). Neat, as only a Political Genius can conceive unerringly.

There is that slim possibility that some well-meaning citizens will coax Grace not to taint her immaculate slate with a “dirtied” LP, peopled by some graft-ridden and incompetent souls-and go for the Ultimate Third Force-which we tell you true -will not be hard up to raise a couple of billion pesos from reformist-businessmen and perhaps a Catholic Vote.

But that is unlikely to happen. It happened only once – in 1992, in the election of Fidel V Ramos -but only because a well-loved incumbent president Cory Aquino endorsed him and broke Ramon Mitra’s heart unto his grave.

In our projected scenario, Political Genius, has advised the president that it is in the best short and long term interest of a progressive democracy that he endorses a Mar-Grace combo in 2016.

In Grace rhetorically asking the president three weeks ago whether “would the LP support her?” it showed senator Poe needs the organization of the LP -if not to carry-then to “protect” her votes -not the way his father FPJ’s votes were not protected in 2004 against Garci and Company.

Three weeks ago Roxas was asked if was running for president -and the wily Wharton graduate quipped with a knowing smile ” “Ako ay magalang na tao- Mar, po ,ako”.Mar-Poe , he meant?

A play of words that almost gave away – that he knew even then a deal was sealed. It’s Roxas-Poe for LP in 2016.

Would the June announcement by PNoy of the LP team after the SONA just a mere confirmation of our theory? ABANGAN, Juan de la Cruz.

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