Bohol grass fire spreads 7 hectares

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Bohol grass fire spreads 7 hectares

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grass fire
The burnt mountain in Minol, Mabini after the wildfire. (Rvo)

MABINI- At least two grass fires were reported in this town, one of the severely  affected by the dry spell in Bohol. The grass fires damaged seven hectares of land and caused almost half-million pesos in damages.

The flames were first noticed by some residents in sitio Banlas in barangay Concepcion  at around 6 a.m. on Saturday,  said the Mabini fire station staff.

The fire station staff  admitted they were not able to respond immediately because their office received the fire call by 9:40 a.m.

The flames spread quickly prompting the fire crews to call for help from the neighboring fire stations but it was the Jagna fire station responded the call to tackle the blaze.


The fire burnt easterly close to the property of Mabini Vice Mayor Juanito Jayoma. His three hectares land planted with fruit bearing trees—49 mango trees, 500 coconut trees— and 300 gmelina trees were burned that left an estimated P438,000 in damages, records of the Mabini Fire station showed.

Coconut trees of Alfredo Galulo planted in his one hectare land were razed by fire. However, Galulo has yet to submit the estimate damage to the fire station.

The 1.8 hectare land of Florenda Vallespin has 150 coconut trees and 50 banana plants were consumed by fire. She claimed an estimate damages at nearly P15,000, the fire station said.

Firefighters eventually left the scene at around 5 p.m. – 8 hours after the initial call.

The Mabini Fire Station continues to look for the cause of the grass fire.

FO3 Leo Pizaña, the Mabini fire marshal, said that based on their initial investigation, the flames spread after a small nipa house wherevaqueros gather during break was burned.


“There is a possibility nga kadtong tapukanan sa tigtugway og baka didto nagsugud ang sunog based sa damage sa sunog (There is a possibility that the fire started at the place where herdsmen gather), ” said Pizaña. “Wala ta kahibalo unsay nahitabo sa ilang pagtugway sa ilang baka or tingali  naa bay naglabug  og sigarilyo or unsa kaha..ingana lang  ang imbestigasyun pagkakarun (We don’t know what happened when they took care of their cows, maybe someone throw his’s our initial investigation).”


Almost 25 hours after responding to the grass fire in Concepcion, on Sunday, another grass fire occurred in half hectare of land in sitio Ilaja, in Minol, adjacent barangay of Concepcion.  According to Pizaña, the fire crews managed to stop the fire spreading for almost two hours. There were no reports of casualties or property damage.

According to some residents, spark of grass fires occasionally occur in the terrains of Mabini which started on the onset of the dry season.

Mabini Mayor Esther Fostanes-Tabigue confirmed that the severe dry weather had caused the grass fire.


“About the fire incident in Mabini, it was a grass fire. It occurs here during dry spell,” said Mayor Tabigue.

Tabigue said she could not determine whether the grass fires were intentional but noted that the mountains with dried cogon grass can easily cause fire due to the prevailing dry condition.


She said there were some grass fires that were traced to “kaingin” practice which is done  to grow young weeds very fast for the cattle of some residents.

On the other hand, Pizaña advised residents to take precautions against grass fires this dry season.

The station through their information campaign informed residents not to throw cigarettes or bring match boxes  near dried grass or trees in order not to start a fire especially the place is very dry. “

Mabini town is one of the heavily affected by severe drought due to the mild El Niño.  Ricefields have dried up since January of this year since farmers relied on rainfed farming.

Although light to moderate rains were experienced by other towns in Bohol  lately, it was only last Monday that the town just experienced a light rainshowers for a very short time after months of drought.

Farmer Neil Ayag, 42, married, a resident of Minol is hoping that rain will come this week.

“Kami karun sa Minol naghuwat mi kanus-a kami uwanun kay nangamatay na ang mga sagbut ug mga tanum  (For now, here in Minol we are for the rain to come because the grass and our plants have withered),” said Ayag.

Last Wednesday, some farmers were seen ploughing with their carabaos in preparation for the rainy season. (By Leo P. Udtohan)

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