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cartoon editorialNATIONAL LTO (LAND TRANSPORTATION OFFICE)  Statistics themselves confirm that 80% of vehicular accidents are due to the driver’s fault.

Some of these errant drivers  are, by nature, hybrids of the “Fast and Furious” drivers where speeding gives them the high like drugs do. But majority  of these drivers are simply ignorant or have not gone through the requisite driving “tests” to allow one the privilege to use the public roads-without posing danger to life and property of others. 

There are three tests: medical , drug and driving  tests-which drivers must undergo- for them to get their license to drive. The Tagbilaran Office of the Land Transportation Office  (not that it is the only one) has been notoriously known to be surrounded by “fixers” . Indirectly, since they allowed “untested” drivers to go down the road of perdition, the “fixers” are, de facto,  the “criminals” behind the road accidents . At best ” accessories to the crime.”

“Fixers” , for their own private financial gain, are responsible for letting loose on the streets -drivers with horrible eye sights , they cannot see traffic signs and mistakes the “red” for the “green” light at the corner. Drivers- who have traces of drug use in their urine samples or, worse, are drug pushers themselves- who under the influence of the illegal substance – are on the road- “an accident waiting for itself to happen”.


“Fixers” are responsible for drivers who do not understand  that the yellow line on the road is a “no overtaking” warning because they never took the driving tests at all-written or actual. The “written” tests which are multiple choices have answers already checked with pencil which the applicant just darkens with the ballpen. Worse, the “fixers” give them pre-answered examination forms.

These certified but ignorant drivers -facilitated by the these LTO “fixers” – running  down our roads- are like soldiers going to battle without guns (driving without knowledge of driving and traffic rules) and in their ignorance, can be a menace to society on the road or are potential “road rage” war freaks – but “ignorance of the law” never excuses anyone.

The thievery of the Tagbilaran LTO “fixers” has been elevated to world-class. While in metropolitan Manila, the “fixers” facilitation  rate is P 700 for student license, P2,500 for non-professional and P3,500, the scoundrels near the LTO Tagbilaran premises victimized one Maricel                    , who blew the lid of the rampant corruption because she was allegedly bilked of P 4,036.00 to get a “non-professional” license after her student license reportedly expired.  The “fixers” are making more hay than their Manila counterparts.

The alleged “fixer” pointed to  is an insurance agent. An insurance is  normally required for a  car registration ,not for a driver’s license, so what was her business in “facilitating the driver’s license  transaction”. ? Even if a car registration was involved, allowing an “insurance agent” to fix the registration of one’s car -exposes the owner to the trap of getting coverage  from that specific insurance company -without any chance to validate the insurance company’s stability or efficiency in answering future claims.

The stench at the LTO offices in many parts of the country ,including Tagbilaran City, has been there for ages. Does it mean we must all have to live with it -forever, for instance?

In all honesty, do you think , dear Bohol  car drivers and car owners, that these “fixing” creatures do not either have the knowledge of  or the connivance with some LTO officials?  Let us ask  this simple test of integrity.


It is good that acting acting City Police Chief George Vale has promised to set up his men in the LTO area and clean up the “fixers” apparent “territorial” entitlement to an illegal act violative of the “Anti Red Tape Act of 2007”.


If the LTO is really hell bent on cleaning shop- why not install CCTVs in and around their  premises? Likewise, everyone and his uncle and grandson know who the “fixers” in the LTO premises are. Why are they still there? Are the LTO officials the last to know – or is there “glory in their act of voluntary blindness”?

This Editorial is not just meant to stop the scums of the earth from making money on hapless citizens- many of them traveling by bus from afar and spending money for food -only to be forked by an enormous “tong” from those who want to live a life of leisure at the expense of others. This is more importantly  but a practical Caveat – and Warning- that facilitating ignorant and unqualified drivers freely  ride  on the road – creates a mass of potential accident-prone “clueless” creatures  on the road.

Or giving “go signal” to a notoriously polluting vehicle -without the benefit of a true  gas  pollutant emission test, courtesy of the fixers- is to  endanger all our lungs unto  the road leading  to the Lung Center or the mortuary. But that is quite another story.


We challenge the LTO to serve the public well by giving an efficient system to register cars and give drivers’ licenses that will make these hideous  “fixers” irrelevant.

Is the public asking too much- to demand an appropriate  service from the taxes they pay to subsidize the LTO  officials ‘salaries and paying rent for their cushy air conditioned offices?


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  1. roger galbizo roger galbizo June 16, 2015

    It’s about time to clean up the LTO. Let the LTO officer clean up his office or
    else resign if he can’t do it. Kick the shenanigans out. It is one of the reasons
    that i am scared to drive in our province especially in the city where drivers don’t
    know know and observe traffic rules and regulations.

    Thank you for these editorial and I hope the LTO officer and his “fixers” will be
    “swept away”.

  2. ruffy ruffy June 21, 2015

    This editorial is not too late. Something has to be done immediately to stop this illegal trade at the LTO office.
    we will notice on the road when drivers ignore traffic signs. Some drivers even make a u-turn tight on the nose of traffic enforcers
    who also don’t know the rules. Then there are old dilapidated smoke belching buses and trucks plying the city roads.
    All these don’t happen without the fixers and LTO employees working together.

  3. Janine Janine August 8, 2015

    This is so true! Tagbilaran city government under the leadership of Baba Yap should act on this.

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