To fix city trike fare

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To fix city trike fare

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A proposed ordinance introduces fixed rates for tricycles taking passengers from the pier to certain destinations of Tagbilaran City to address concerns about “exorbitant fares” collected by drivers, affecting the tourism sector.

City Councilor Lucille Lagunay cited in her proposed resolution that this is in response to mounting complaint from different sectors about drivers collecting exorbitant fares, especially for trips coming from the pier area.

“The riding public and representatives of tourism related business aired their complaints of confusing and exorbitant fare charges still being collected by some unscrupulous MTH drivers. This practice caused negative effects to the city’s tourism industry and prejudiced the riding public in general,” according to Lagunay.

The proposed measure had already been accepted by the concerned sectors—the riding public, tricycle operators and drivers, porters and other groups—during the recent public hearing convened by Councilor Jeremias Pabe—chair of the Committee on Public Utilities.


According to Pabe—who introduced the idea, it is then up for deliberation in the next session of the Sangguniang Panlungsod.

Lagunay said that despite several rounds of oil price rollback, tricycle drivers still collect at least P8 for a travel of one kilometer or less.

She noted that the series of decreases of the prices of petroleum products prompted the Sangguniang Panlungsod of Tagbilaran to reduce the provisional authority granted to drivers of motorized tricycles-for-hire to collect an additional P2.00 on top of the P6 fare rate promulgated about five years ago to P1.00 only.

This means, the minimum fare for tricycles-for-hire now is only P7.

“The existing regular (minimum) fare rates of motorized tricycle-for-hire are provided for under Section 74 of City Ordinance No. C-189 series of 2005, including rates from the city port or wharf to certain points of destination and vice-versa within the territorial jurisdiction of the City of Tagbilaran. There had been provisional fare adjustments in 2008 by virtue of Resolution Numbers 08-47 and 08-102; and Resolution Number 28-11 in 2011 to address increasing fuel prices at that time,” Lagunay cited in her proposed ordinance.

To set a standard, Lagunay proposed that the city government should “update and fix the tricycle fare rates from the city port and airport as points of origin to strategic destinations in the city to avoid confusion and lessen if not eradicate arbitrary fare charging”.


Lagunay proposed that from the pier, fare would only be P10 for the trip to  Poblacion 2; P15 for trips to either Cogon, Booy, Poblacion 1 or Poblacion 3; P20 for trips to either Taloto, Dampas, or Mansasa; P25 for trips to either Bool, Dao or Ubujan; P30 for trips to either San Isidro or Manga; P35 for a trip to Tiptip; and P40 for a trip to Cabawan.


For trips from the airport, the passenger will just have to pay P10 in going to either the pier, to Booy, Cogon, Cogon, or Poblacion 2; P15 to Taloto; P20 to trips for Ubujan, Mansasa, Dampas, Dao, Poblacion 1 and Poblacion 3; P25 to Bool, Manga, San Isidro, and Tiptip; and P35 for Cabawan.

From the Integrated Bust Terminal or the Island City Mall, the fare would only be P10 for trips going to Poblacion 3, Poblacion 2, Cogon, Dampas, or Dao; P12 to Poblacion 1; P15 to Booy; P20 to San Isidro, Bool, Taloto, or Ubujan; P25 to Tiptip; and P35 to Cabawan.

The proposed measure also sets the luggage fee at P10 for those 10-25 kilos and P20 for those 26-50 kilos.


“Elements of the City Port Police and Airport Police shall be assigned to address complaints of tourists and the riding public arriving at the City Port and Airport and issue tickets to the drivers and passengers indicating the date, fare and destination and the plate number of the tricycle for hire,” according to Lagunay.

It is also made sure that the transport groups will extend 20-percent discount to students, senior citizens and differently abled persons “upon presentation of a valid student, senior city or PWD identification card or when students are wearing their prescribed uniform”.


It is also proposed that children aged five years and below shall pay 50 percent of the mandated fare.

Penalty is proposed to be set at P300 for first offense, P500 for second offense, P1,000 for third offense and recovation of franchise and or the Mayor’s Permit to Operate for the fourth offense.

Lagunay explained that the proposed measure is in consonance with Section 16, Chapter II, Title I of the Local Government Code of 1991 that states “‘Every local government unit shall exercise the powers expressly granted, those necessarily implied therefrom, as well as powers necessary, appropriate, or incidental for its efficient and effective governance, and those which are essential to the promotion of the general welfare’”.

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  1. ruffy ruffy June 21, 2015

    My daughter who travels weekly to and from Cebu is always charged P30 from the Port to Booy near Lagunay residence.
    The proposed fare are just fair to all parties. But the penalty is very lenient that a recurrence is possible. I suggest that Penalty for 1st offense
    would be P1,000.00 and second offense is automatic revocation of permits and franchises. This will give a clue to drivers and operators
    to follow the prescribed fare within the city. This will surely make the Tourists and visitors keep coming back to Bohol.
    Besides the fare issue an ordinance shall be passed to train the drivers to behave properly when dealing with customers/passengers.

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