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Last Monday afternoon, 27 July 2015, President P-Noy delivered his last State of the Nation Address (SONA) before a Joint Session of Congress.  He was truthful in his description of his achievements.  It seems to be substantial and it will make you wonder why the Movement for Good Governance (MGG) gave President P-Noy only a grade of 5.9 out of the maximum 10 in which the passing score is 7.5.

It is because when the statements of President P-Noy are evaluated with the questions why and how, the President’s statements will fall flat on its face.

My Analogy


If I will say that the NBA Champion Golden State Warriors have never won against the Flying Lemur basketball team of the University of Bohol, I am stating a true fact.  I am not lying.  However, if you will ask why? It is because the two teams have never played yet.

The President’s statements are true but couched in a way that it will give you an impression that his administration is doing great when in fact it can only attain a real rating of just a little bit above the median.

The Economy

There are two ways of measuring economic performance, the Gross National Product (GNP) and Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

GNP refers to the investments and earnings of all people within the Philippines, including foreigners.  This is also referred to as “Inclusive growth”.  During the time of President Carlos P. Garcia, the economy was measured in GNP and it was second only to Japan in whole Asia.

GDP refers to the investment and earnings of all Filipinos anywhere in the world.  It includes the earnings of Filipinos within the Philippines and our OFWs in foreign countries.  The foreigners within the Philippines are not included.


The President stated that the economy has grown by 6.2%, which is the fastest growth in all Asia.  It is true.  However, the President did not tell that the growth was caused by the billions of dollars earned and remitted by our Overseas Foreign Workers (OFW).  There is no “Inclusive growth” or growth within the Philippines.


The growth was not caused by economic policies of P-Noy’s Administration except if he will claim that sending Filipinos abroad to work is his policy.

Hiding By Statistics

Presenting data and results by statistics and percentages are common tricks done in order to impress.


For example, if your earning last year was P100 and this year your earning is P400; In terms of percentage your earning has increased by 300%. Another person earned P10,000 last year and earned P12,000 this year.  In terms of percentage his earning has increased by 20%.

In terms of percentage the 300% is greater than 20%.  However, in terms of real money, increase of P300 is lesser than an increase of P2,000.


Take for example the Foreign Direct Investments (FDI), which refers to the investments of foreigners in the Philippines economy.

President P-Noy claimed that the FDI in the Philippines has increased by 6.1%, which is the highest compared to other countries in Asia.  It is also true.

However, we are not told what the starting amount was.  The previous amount was about $5 Billion.  The 6.1% increase indicates that the new FDI is $5.305 Billion or an increase of $305 Million.

Vietnam has only about 3% increase in FDI.  However their starting number is $25 Billion and an increase of 3% is $750 Million.  In actual money, Vietnam’s 3% is greater than the Philippines 6.1% increase.

Increase In Poverty

The P-Noy Administration is gloating over the high economic growth.  However, there is one fact that could not be explained.  Why did the poverty incidence increased from 24.7 percent in 2013 to 26.8% in 2014?  Where did the money in the increased economy go?  The answer is simple.  It went to the rich.

President P-Noy could not say it in his SONA so he just kept silent.

Daáng Matuwíd

Daáng matuwid or straight path is the slogan of the P-Noy Administration.  In modern Highway Construction, it is considered a crazy idea.

First, a straight path or road can only be constructed in wide plains like a desert.  Straight roads are not advisable because the monotony can make the driver sleep.

Second; in a place that is rugged, mountainous, and many ravines, it is very expensive to insist on a straight road.  You have to bridge the ravines and tunnel through the mountains.

A good road has a smooth surface with an upward or downward slope of not more than 17% and can turn left or right in which you can see ahead for a distance of 80 to 100 meters.

The Holy Bible tells us that straight and easy is the road that leads to Hell and narrow and difficult is the road that leads to heaven.

One good thing about Daang matuwid and its companion slogan “Kung walang corrupt walang mahirap, which is not actually true, is that P-Noy believes that it refers to honestly and integrity in government service.  Even if the people around him is just humoring him, P-Noy has some success in curbing corruption. (By Jes B. Tirol)

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