P500K at film script contest

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P500K at film script contest

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Multi-awarded  Boholano film director Maryo de los Reyes is asking all budding script writers for films “about farm life” to join the script writing contest  called “ToFarm International Film Festival”  contest with the grand prize winner to be given P 500,000.

All the six winning scripts will be awarded P 120,000 and will all be made into films.

The winning script,however, will have the distinction of having an additional P1.5_Million  as seed money to produce a  film of a selected director  who will look for any financial  deficit in the budget to finish the film. The director and ToFarm will  then share in the income of the project.

The theme of the scripts will be to show the reality of  Philippine farm life and how farmers can still work for a bright future by owning their own farms. “There are no boundaries in the nature of the script” and they can be drama-romance, comedy-romance, action-drama, or musical-drama-comedy genre but all must have “mass appeal”.


The films will first be shown in mall theaters then to the provincial theaters to provide inspiration to the rural folks.

Deadline for the screenplay entries is October 16,2015 and the six winning scripts will be announced on November  27,2015.  December 4, 2015 will be the launching  of the   “Tofarm Film Festival”.

July 13,2016 will be the ToFarm Film Festival Grand Opening Ceremony and July 13-16 the regular theater showing.  July 16 will the Awards Night and closing ceremony.

According to Dr Milagros How, vice president of the Universal Harvester Inc, festival sponsor, this will become a yearly event. Director Maryo De los Reyes is the festival director. This was bared in the Showbiz Sosyal information section.


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    Where do we send our scripts?

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