Our “RO-RO “Servant Leadership” in 2015!

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Our “RO-RO “Servant Leadership” in 2015!

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boholano-thumbMar Roxas for President,  Leni RObredo for Vice-President

Our Lord Jesus Christ is the world’s model of “Servant Leadership.” President Ramon Magsaysay in his Inaugural in 1953 declared: “All of us in public office are but servants of the people.” Indeed, RM was our first “Servant Leader” President.

Mar Roxas focuses on the needs and happiness of the people he wants to serve. When elected in 2016, Mar will be our next “Servant Leader” President!

The late Jesse Robredo was known and loved as a very humble and dedicated tsinelas Mayor of Naga City for 18 years. As DILG Secretary, Jesse died when his airplane crashed in Masbate in 2012. As his wife, the economist-lawyer Leni Robredo learned well the simple ways of her celebrated husband as a tinelas “servant leader.”


As the serving Representative of her district, Leni was chosen by President Aquino III, Mar Roxas, and the Liberal Party as their candidate for Vice-President in 2016. She is a very capable, lovable, and attractive person and political leader. Like her late husband, Jesse Robredo.

When elected in 2016, Leni will be our first “Servant Leader” Vice-President!

Ro-Ro: Ituloy natin ang “Daang Matuwid”:

Ang Reforma and Good Governance ng Pangulong P-Noy Aquino III,

kasama ang mga lider ng Liberal Party at ang mga Alyado natin.

  • Ituloy ang malinis at taos pusong pamamahala ni Pangulong P-Noy Aquino III.
  • Ipasa natin ang Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) pending in Congress to finally bring peace and development to our Moro brothers and sisters and Indigenous Filipinos and all Mindanao. Ang Bangsamoro Autonomous Region ang siyang modelo ng iba pang mga autonomous regions sa kinabukasan.
  • Let’s do our best to pass the Anti-Dynasty Law. We passed the Reproductive Health Law against so much opposition to it.
  • Let’s pursue our AFP and police modernization, including combat pay and allowances, and housing.
  • Let’s pursue our anti-corruption campaign that has detained Senators “Jinggoy” Estrada, “Bong” Revilla Jr., and Juan Ponce Enrile, who are being tried on plunder and graft charges over the pork barrel scam. Many more will be charged, found guilty, and penalized. The Ombudsman has charged, penalized, and caused many corrupt and abusive officials to be removed from national and local government offices.
  • Let’s ensure the continued increase in the income of our government corporations that is improving investor confidence in our growing economy.
  • Let’s ensure the continued great increase in our income tax collection. This has improved investor confidence in our country and improved our economy. So the Philippines is now known as “Asia’s rising star” by leading credit ratings agencies!
  • Let’s increase domestic and foreign investments in our country. Now foreign direct investment in our country is more than P6 billion, the highest in our history. Domestic investments are also increasing greatly. Our manufacturing sector is rejuvenating. High tech manufacturing is attracting more investors.
  • Let’s continue to reduce labor strikes. Industrial strife has already plunged to its lowest.
  • Let’s make economic and social development more inclusive! Unemployment has already declined. Our creation of jobs has cushioned the impact of the declining number of overseas Filipino workers. Returning OFWs should find more good-paying jobs.” Gallup poll of citizens of more than 140 countries shows the Philippines has “the highest job optimism in the Asia-Pacific and second in the world.”
  • Let’s continue to reduce poverty and build inclusive growth through the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program. Under the 4Ps 333,673 students finished high school, 14,469 of them with honors, with two of them enrolling in civil engineering in U.P.
  • Let’s pursue our alternative learning system. Out-of-school youth have been reduced from 2.9 million when President P-Noy Aquino began his term to less than 1 million in 2015, partly because of the alternative learning system.
  • Let’s carry out our K-12 education reform that will ensure students “are ripe to forge their future.” We will make our education at par with industrialized countries.
  • Let’s do much more to lick corruption at all levels; level the playing field, and boost the environment for business; and then expand vital services using tax proceeds from business’s higher profits.
  • Let’s enhance the upgrading of our military and police; including combat pay and allowances, and housing.
  • Let’s push more the upgrading of our infrastructure: mostly  bridges and roads that linked towns and villages to markets and cities, as well as many ports and airports.
  • Let’s build more confidence in our future as “a just and humane society and a working democracy.” Filipinos are finding a renewed confidence in the future because of good governance and reforms in our crusade for Daang Mauwid!
  • Let’s do our share in counteracting Global Climate Change that is causing so much havoc and misery in our own country!

“RO-RO “Servant Leadership”


Mar ROxas for President,


Leni RObredo for Vice-President.

Let’s elect Mar ROxas our “Servant President”

and Leni RObredo our “Servant Vice-President”! (By Jose “Pepe” Abueva)


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