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jayWe welcome the entry of Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte in the presidential derby.

The most significant benefit in Duterte’s entry in the presidential race is the addition of options for the electorate in choosing our next leaders.

The addition of another possible presidential candidate in Duterte would definitely be a victory to our democracy.

Elections is all about free choice.


The more choices, the better

Duterte is highly qualified with his length of experience in public service.

He was public prosecutor, and a longtime mayor of Davao City.

He has one clear, crisp and definitive message to bring to the people in this election: law and order.

He would be the only candidate with that distinct political message.

If you think the issue in this election is about law and order, Duterte is your man.


Believe me, millions and millions of Filipinos think, law and order is a defect that must urgently be addressed by our next leader.


Corruption is about law and order. There is much corruption in our society.

Crime of course is about law and order.

People are confronted with criminality in their lives, that many are afraid to even come out of their homes at night.


Syndicates, be they drug syndicates, carnappers perpetrate their crimes with impunity.

Worse is that crimes are perpetrated by many law enforcers themselves, as shown by the monumentally embarrassing tanim-bala at the NAIA.


By the way this present administration is so out of touch with the issue of criminality that the president himself downplays the incidents of tanim bala saying are so few-and-far-between. OMG!

The proliferation of illegal drugs is an issue about law and order.

This country is flooding with prohibited drugs.

We are fast becoming a narco state like  Mexico and Columbia, because of the unabated manufacture and distribution of prohibited drugs.

So many killings have occurred because of this drug menace.

Even judges are not spared from assassinations because of illegal drugs.

Duterte, is definitely a viable candidate.

One major advocacy of  Duterte is federalism.

This also is directly related to law and order because federalism is seen to be the solution to armed struggle of our Bangsamoro brothers in the south.

This country needs a president who will have the political will to change the way government operates.

Duterte is not from Manila, therefore, he will likely be the leader who will be able to change the system of government from a centralized one, to a federalized regime, similar to many progressive nations like the U.S., Germany, Spain, Malaysia, among others.

On the other hand, many have questioned Duterte’s human rights record.

One government official has said that under a Duterte presidency, dictatorship will return.

However, the persons who can best and accurately assess the veracity of these allegations are the people of Davao themselves. (By Atty. Jay I. Dejaresco)

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