Forgery another demolition work against capitol, Ae says

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Forgery another demolition work against capitol, Ae says

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The alleged forgery of the signature of a government hospital chief, a daughter of capitol’s noisiest critic, to consummate a generator set (genset) procurement is nothing but a demolition work against capitol, according to Provincial Administrator Alfonso “Ae” Damalerio  II.

Worst, Damalerio said, harshest critic Victor de la Serna must now have used his own child, Loon District Hospital chief Dr. Celestina Ma. De la Serna, in his heightened propaganda maligning and destroying the provincial administration.

A charge sheet for alleged malversation of public funds through falsification of official documents filed at the Office of the City Prosecutor on Monday, January 25, shows the daughter De la Serna as the complainant.

A certain Zenaido Rama, supplier of the genset through his business entity “MICHELLE & DONALDS,” and the provincial administrator were named respondents.


The father De la Serna, who is a lawyer, appears in the charge sheet as assisting the complainant.

Himself constantly castigated by De la Serna on his paid radio programs, Damalerio highly suspected the father to be the “brain of the game” and “pressured” his hospital chief daughter to charge the capitol official and the businessman.

Rama and De la Serna used to be “close, best of friends” and “one in a group,” prompting Damalerio to wonder why they are now “best, bitter enemies.”

The businessman should know why his erstwhile partner is now madly after him, Damalerio hinted.

Before the earthquake in 2013, the electric generator was procured by the government and delivered by Rama for use of the Loon hospital, one of the province-run hospitals which chief is De la Serna the doctor.

Based on the Provincial General Services Office’s (PGSO) acknowledgment receipt for equipment, the unit was formally received by the lady hospital chief doctor, who herself signed the document.


In her complaint, she alleged that her signatures on a “certification” and a “disbursement voucher” were not hers and thus forged.


In the financial management system of the provincial government, the provincial administrator is among the authorized signatories to the documents, prodding him to ask why he was singled out in the complaint.

But it did not surprise Damalerio who, on Friday’s regular governor’s interaction with the media, again cited some causes of the father De la Serna’s high-voltage anger at the present capitol administration, specifically Gov. Edgar Chatto and him as favorite objects of consistent attacks.

Damalerio said among these causes was their outright rejection of De la Serna’s “stupid” wants for PNP protection for his widespread illegal gambling financier and for P1 million personal pocket share from the government dividend from the joint venture business.


On the other Saturday immediately after the Sandiganbayan released its resolution dismissing the joint venture case, De la Serna vowed  on his paid radio program to file right on the following Monday (January 25) a “case,” which did indeed turn out to be the complaint signed by his daughter.

Damalerio recalled that “Inday admitted to me that she was scolded by her father for receiving the genset and signing the official acknowledgment receipt.”


He was referring Inday to the Loon hospital chief and De la Serna’s doctor daughter.

The provincial administrator said he could produce a witness who was there with them at capitol when the doctor just voluntarily admitted and confided.

Damalerio presented to the media people computer slides showing the doctor’s signatures on official documents and the alleged forged ones for comparison.

He challenged the hospital chief that they both undergo lie detector tests, adding that “whoever is the director (of the grave accusation) must get sure that their show sells.”

In her July 9, 2015 letter to Damalerio, as also the chairman of the capitol Local Finance Committee, doctor De la Serna admitted that “it is true that the generator set was received in the hospital in June 2013.”


“Victor’s style is obsolete and the pattern of his demolition works is so obvious,” Damalerio said.

The key provincial functionary also noted that instantly after filing, the complaint got headlined in De la Serna’s favorite newspaper, which publisher and De la Serna are now facing a P5 million libel suit filed by Rep. Rene Relampagos for a damaging publication relative to the joint venture case.

The paper published the congressman’s picture with a caption “Technically At-Large” pertaining to the joint venture case, which was already dismissed by the Sandiganbayan.

The provincial administrator named the reporter who has consistently been publishing bad about the provincial leadership and yet at the same time praising politicians in the opposing camp. (Ven rebo Arigo)

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