Chatto: ‘I trust my strength, not rely on other’s weakness”

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Chatto: ‘I trust my strength, not rely on other’s weakness”

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An ever confident yet always humble Gov. Edgar Chatto said he trusts his strength and not relies on other’s or enemy’s weakness because, after all, he has tested this in the battles he has all won.

Because he knows what he “can be able to do,” then he doesn’t have to waste time “for what others cannot,” the governor said.

But even to those who choose to be enemies and detractors, Chatto was generous in his advice.

On his weekly media forum dubbed the Kita ug Ang Gobernador, the top provincial official told them to rely on whatever strength their agenda and deeds may have.


At least, Chatto said, the public may perceive them initiated and accomplished although in truth they are the complete opposite.

The Bohol governor is probably among the most admired and recognized provincial leaders in the country today, but he has since believed no one can claim monopoly of good ideas, much less in the better handling of challenges to governance.

Criticisms that improve a system is, thus, always welcomed, he said.

“As I see them, the black propaganda and demolition by patent lies and deceptions only further lessen the credibility, if there is any left, of their handlers and back masters,” Chatto said.

Worst, they are a first sign of an enemy in despair and a weak cause in disrepair, the beacon of the Daang Matuwid team in Bohol said.

Across sections of the Boholano community, many said the Chatto’s first strongest defense is the very attack to his character because it is hardest to put a good man down.


In utter profanity, the black propagandists have labeled the Chatto, who is also the chairman of the Regional Development Council (RDC) chairman and secretary-general of the League of Provinces of the Philippines (LPP), as “governor shabu.”


They said this is where the propaganda whip boys of the enemy camp commit a grave blunder and miserably fail when they blaspheme Chatto by all evil tags they can afford to insult to the public intellect.

Community talks have long tagged a child of a harsh critic as allegedly hooked to illegal drugs.

Chatto said blaming others for one’s failure to be a good model and guide to right path is dangerous, but he always still has pity for the parents because they are the very first authority over their children.


Referring to the obviously paid propaganda handlers here and in Cebu who attack the Bohol governor, Provincial Administrator Alfonso Damalerio II described them as “the same dogs fed with same dog food by same dog food suppliers.”

Damalerio and Rep. Rene Relampagos, another Liberal Party (LP) pillar in Bohol, are also favorite demolition targets.


Another capitol official called the hired senseless commentators handling bloctime radio programs in Cebu and Bohol to destroy Chatto and other Bohol leaders as “em-boys”

The official said the “em” is actually pronouncing the letter “m” for these black propaganda boys who are “malicious, merciless, money-fed.”

Damalerio said “the only difference between the members of this rabid group is that the barkers in Cebu are stray dogs while in Bohol they are mad dogs.”

The governor was worried that they must be barking at their own shadows so that they need to immediately examine their own conscience.

Or they should be “cautious and prudent” in swiping grave false accusations at innocent people because the authorities may get “leads” to who actually are misfits or doing wrong , Chatto said. (Ven rebo Arigo)

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