Drug busting hauls ‘big-time runners’

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Drug busting hauls ‘big-time runners’

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The Criminal Investigation and Detection Group from region 7, led by Police Chief Inspector Teodoro Santos, arrested another high-profile drug personality during a buy-bust operation at around 8:30 a.m. on April 26 at Upper Sto. Niño in barangay Dao.

The police team from Tagbilaran City, joining the CIDG team, identified the arrested person as one Angelo Bautista.

Bautista yielded one big pack of shabu and one medium-size plastic pack of shabu with estimated weight of 30 grams.

Santos estimated the street value of the packs of shabu confiscated from Bautista at P330,000.


The police team also confiscated assorted drug paraphernalia from Bautista during the operation.

In Candijay at around 4:30 pm on April 27, the Municipal Anti-Illegal Drugs Special Operations Task Group (MAIDSOTG) and the Provincial Public Safety Company (PPSC) arrested one Jim Olaer in a buy-bust operation in barangay Tugas.

The MAIDSOTG led by Police Insp. Gerald Luna and the PPSC led by PO1 Raffy Jotojot caught Olaer handing one small heat-sealed sachet containing shabu to the poseur-buyer.

The police team also recovered 24 more sachets of shabu, the 500-peso bill marked money, three pieces of lighter, a small pack of opened cellophane containing residue of shabu, two improvised waterpipe, an improvised bamboo stick sealer, one pack of used tinfoil, and one pack of improvised panel.

The inventory was conducted in the presence of Tugas Barangay Kagawad Daniel Nalugon, Kagawad Marina Olano, and DYRD’s Weli Maestrado.

Olaer, a 32-year-old resident of barangay Tabajan in Guindulman was brought to Candijay Community Hospital for medical check-up, then to the municipal police station for temporary detention.




In the preceding week, a team from the Provincial Intelligence Branch (PIB) of the Bohol Police Provincial Officearrested a suspected shabu queen identified as one Maida Quimson-Jabines with 2.2 kilos of shabu estimated at P25 million in a raid at a residence near the Dagohoy Lodge Masonic Cemetery at J.A. Clarin St. in barangay Cogon, Tagbilaran City.

The ten-man raiding team led by PIB chief, Police Superintendent Jeffrey Caballes, and PIB deputy chief, Police Senior Inspector Jojit Mananquil, conducted the raid on April 22 based on a search warrant issued by Executive Judge Suceso Arcamo of the Regional Trial Court Branch 47.

Jabines, who hails from barangay Poblacion in Sierra-Bullones, was arrested along with the owner of the house identified as one was James Bongalos and two other men during the raid.


One of the arrested persons turned out to be her nephew, Daryl Louie Quimson, who yielded an unregistered Black Widow 9mm revolver, five live ammunitions of 9mm and a medium-size pack of shabu with estimated weight of 25 grams.

The owner of the house, Bongalos, yielded a KG9 submachine gun bearing the serial number 121034 with a magazine loaded with five 9mm live ammunitions, and a medium-size pack of shabu with estimated weight of 25 grams.


Also arrested were a certain Ruel Vitor, who yielded an unregistered caliber 22 pistol, a caliber 22 steel magazine with three live ammunitions; and a certain Rosulo Pamaong Jr. who yielded a caliber 38 revolver with serial number 777481, three live ammunitions and one medium pack of shabu estimated to weigh 25 grams.

All the packs of shabu confiscated during the raid were estimated to weigh a total of 2.275 kilos with estimated value of around P25.9 million.

Quimson had supposedly evaded arrest when cops swooped down his residence in Poblacion, Sierra-Bullones earlier that afternoon, only to be arrested in his aunt’s side where he was supposedly hiding.

During the raid, the Sierra-Bullones cops and elements of the Regional Public Safety Batalion-1st Maneuver Company who implemented the search warrant against Quimson confiscated 16 small heat-sealed plastic sachets shabu, one medium-size heat-sealed plastic sachet containing shabu, a matchbox, three live ammunitions of unknown caliber, three empty shells of unidentified caliber, a live ammunition of caliber .38, a caliber .38 revolver, a black leather wallet, and a pack of assorted drug paraphernalia.

The following day, April 23, the City Anti-Illegal Drugs Special Operations Task Group (CAIDSOTG) of Tagbilaran, led by SPO4 Yolando Bagotchay, arrested another drug personality identified as one Michael Carnice.

Bagotchay’s team confiscated a volume of shabu placed in a big pack, 12 medium-size pack, 19 sachets from Carnice, in addition to the sachet of shabu he handed to the poseur-buyer, all weighing 180 grams with estimated value of P1.2 million.

Also arrested during the operation was one Benjie Ybanez for allegedly maintaining a drug den, and other persons who had reportedly visited the drug den—Edwin Udtohan, Dominador Bagohin, Joselito Dagami, Vergil Alibano, Jovane Gonato, Michael Burato, Renato Ansano, David Loretiro, Renante Gapio, Jojo Husain, Noel Burato, Charlie Anu.


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