P.5-M shabu seized

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P.5-M shabu seized

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Over the week, the local police teams and the National Bureau of Investigation hauled over half-million-peso worth of shabu from separate operations.

The bulk of the drug haul came from a buy-bust operation at a rest house in barangay Doljo, Panglao at around 7:45 a.m. yesterday.

The Municipal Anti-Illegal Drugs Special Operations Task Group (MAIDSOTG) of Panglao, led by the chief of police- -Senior Insp. Jomar Pomarejos, arrested one Marlon Hora and a cohort, his live-in partner identified as one Maria Victoria Dominise, during the buy-bust operation.

Pomarejos’ team caught Hora and Dominise handing a pack of shabu to the poseur-buyer in exchange for P2,500.


When frisked, Hora and Dominise further yielded more packs of shabu- -11 in small packs, three in medium packs, and two in big packs.

The police officers estimated the packs of shabu to weigh 30 grams with estimated value of P354,000.

Also seized from Hora and Dominise were a digital weighing scale, an improvised sealer and other drug paraphernalia, and the marked money amounting to P2,500.

The cops also confiscated the two motorcycles that the arrested persons used in the transactions.

Hora, 42, married, and Dominise, 18, single lived together in barangay Doljo, Panglao, according to the police.

Pomarejos said Hora had been charged for drugs in the past but managed to post bail and continued with his illegal drugs business.


Hora remained in the watchlist of big-time drug personalities in Panglao, according to Pomarejos.


Charges of violations of the Republic Act 9165 or the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act have been prepared against Hora and Dominise, based on Section 5 (sale of dangerous drugs) and under Section 11 (possession of dangerous drugs) under Article II.


Another big-time drug personality fell in the hands of authorities when intercepted by a team from NBI-Bohol in an operation at around 6:30 p.m. on June 7 in barangay Jimilian, Loboc.


The NBI team identified the arrested person as one Armando Digal, a 39-year-old jobless resident of Poblacion,Sierra-Bullones who only made it to high school level.

During the operation, the NBI team confiscated five medium-size sachets of shabu and another pack of shabu in a big sachet with estimated weight of 11.3421 grams and estimated value of around P200,000 from Digal.


Digal also yielded 16 live ammunitions of caliber 45, two magazines, one Colt caliber .45 pistol with serial no. 527492, four identification cards, cash amounting to P6,810 in different denominations.

The NBI filed charges of violations of RA 9165 based on section 11 under Article 11, and Republic Act 10591 or the New Firearms Law under sections 28 and 32 in relation to the Comelec gun ban against Digal.


In Clarin on the same day, the MAIDSOTG arrested one Abel Waram, a 28-year-old resident of barangay Bacani, in a buy-bust operation.

The MAIDSOTG composed of Police Insp. Fernando Peroramas, PO2 Noe Gacera, PO1 Genesis Piezas and PO1 Reynon Añora, in coordination with PDEA-Bohol, conducted the buy-bust operation at around 11:15 a.m. on June 7 in barangay Bacani where they caught Waram handing a small sachet of shabu for P500.

Peroramas described Waram as “a notorious drug pusher” included in the list of top ten drug personalities operating in Clarin.

The cops also recovered from Waram, the 500-peso bill used as marked money.

When they frisked Waram, they recovered 30 more small sachets of shabu placed in one big size pack of transparent plastic sachet, seven rounds of live ammunitions for caliber.45 pistol, a spring booklet with lists of collectible money, one digital weighing scale, cash money in the amount of P300, and a slingbag.

The cops estimated value of the packs of shabu confiscated from Waram at around P30,000.

The inventory was conducted in the presence of Bacani Barangay Captain Victor Sanchez Jr., Barangay Kagawad Imeliana Remedio and GasparDangoy of the DOJ.

Charges of violations of RA 9165 had been filed agains Waram.


In Guindulman, the MAIDSOTG arrested another drug personality in raid at around 4:30 a      .m. on June 6 in barangay Tabajan- -dubbed as drug haven in the town.

The MAIDSOTG, led by Inspector Angelito Valleser and PO1 Raphy Jotojot of the Provincial Public Safety Company, in coordination with PDEA-Bohol conducted the raid based on a search warrant issued by Presiding Judge Dionisio Calibo Jr. of the Regional Trial Court Branch 50 in Loay.

They arrested the subject, one Celso Olaso- -also known as “Ado Himala”- – a 49-year-old resident of Sitio Punta in barangay Tabajan in Guindulman, married.

The raiding team recovered a plastic cellophane containing 35 small sachets of shabu from Olaso’s house.

The inventory of recovered items was also witnessed by Tabajan Barangay Captain Romeo Cellacay, Tabajan Barangay Kagawad Francis Entud.

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