‘Surrender now’ – PNP

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‘Surrender now’ – PNP

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Around a hundred drug personalities in just two towns had already voluntarily surrendered to police stations, pre-empting a bloody extra-judicial verdict, Duterte style.

The tourist town of Panglao led with 94 residents, four of them were women, yielding in batches from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. on June 30 to confess having been involved in illegal drugs either as pushers or users.

Of the 94 who yielded, 19 confessed as pushers, 75 as users.

In the record, 69 of them came from barangay Poblacion, 10 from Tawala, seven from Bolod, four from Looc, and two each from Bil-isan and Danao.


Panglao chief of police, Senior Insp. Joemar Pomarejos, acknowledged them and their pictures and finger prints taken for the record.

Pomarejos also made them pledge to stop their involvement in illegal drugs for good.

He said they came from six of the 10 barangays of Panglao and had been in the watchlist. The police still await 20 more from the remaining four barangays to follow suit.

All of the 10 barangays of Panglao have drug personalities, according to Pomarejos.

Their surrender followed after the municipal police personnel obtained the list of drug personalities from all barangays and implemented Opan Tok-Hang (Toktok-Hangyo) wherein the barangay officials, in coordination with the police authorities visited them one by one in their homes to convince them to voluntarily surrender.

Some of those who surrendered said they made it after learning of the report that two drug personalities had just been killed in a shootout with a police team in Tagbilaran City.


The police also learned that most of them had no job and lack of income forced them to engage in the illegal drugs business.


Pomarejos said they will submit the list of those who had surrendered to Mayor Nila Montero and Vice-Mayor Fred Fuertes so that the local government unit can provide them with alternative livelihood.

Pomarejos warned those who refused to surrender that aggressive anti-illegal drugs operation would be conducted against them and they might not like the outcome now that President Rodrigo Duterte has already assumed office with a vow to kill drug personalities.

The following day, four of the 14 drug personalities in Alicia whose names landed in the watchlist voluntarily surrendered to the municipal police station in response to Oplan Tok-Hang that has also been implemented in the town.


Each of the four submitted a sworn statement on how they started and where they got their supply of drugs. They then submitted themselves to a drug test.

PO3 Ferdinand Tutor of the Alicia Police Station said almost all of the 15 barangays have drug users.


Based on intelligence report, Tutor said the drug personalities got their supply from outside the town.

Days prior to the surrender, the anti-illegal drugs special operations task group (MAIDSOTG) of Alicia arrested one Edgardo Gumop-as, a resident of Purok 6 in barangay Napo, in a buy-bust operation.

The police team recovered three sachets of shabu from Gumop-as.


In his appeal to drug personalities to voluntarily surrender, Police Provincial Director Dennis Agustin cited the incident in a pension house at Tamblot St. in Tagbilaran City as reference to the worst that could happen to those who would resist authorities.

In the incident, the PIB personnel, led by Mananquil killed suspected drug pushers identified as one Karlvin Licong, a 26-year-old resident of Torero Private Road near Tamblot St., and one Marvin Rivas, a 22-year-old resident of Gasanai Subdivision in barangay Cogon.

Mananquil’s team conducted a buy-bust operation against the two in the afternoon of June 30 at the lobby of the pension house.

Licong and Rivas sensed that they were dealing with cops and hurried inside the room they had checked in to get their firearms under the mattress, but the cops pursued them, resulting to a shootout.

Investigation showed that the poseur-buyer shot them when they drew their firearms, killing them.

Licong was armed with .45 caliber pistol, Rivas was armed with an Ingram .9mm sub-machine gun.

The PIB team recovered the marked money amounting P500, the small sachet of shabu that was the subject of the buy-bust, five big and eight small sachets of shabu with total estimated weight of 28 grams and with estimated value of P330,400 from the two.

According to Mananquil, they got a tip from a civilian asset that the two were spotted checking in at a pension house along Tamblot St. extension.

On this, Mananquil immediately brought his team to the area and conducted the buy-bust operation.

In Loay, the MAIDSOTG arrested another suspected drug pusher, identified as one Christopher Villegas, a resident of barangay Villalimpia in a raid at around 4 p.m., also on June 30 based on a search warrant issued by Judge Dionisio Calibo Jr. of the Regional Trial Court Branch 50 of Loay.

The MAIDSOTG recovered a medium-size pack and four smaller packs of shabu, all weighing four grams with estimated value of P15,000 from Villegas.

According to Loay police, Villegas had been in the Top 10 watchlist of drug personalities in the town.

An intelligence report also showed that a wanted druglord in Loay has been behind Villegas.

The MAIDSOTG is now tracking down the druglord.

On the same day in Clarin, the MAIDSOTG also arrested a suspected drug pusher identified as one Roldan Penton, a 28-year-old resident of barangay Bacani in a buy-bust operation at around 11:30 a.m.

The MAIDSOTG, led by Police Inspector Fernando Peroramas, conducted the operation at sitio Redland in barangay Bacani in coordination with PDEA-Bohol.

The cops caught Penton handing a sachet of shabu to the poseur-buyer in exchange of P300.

Peroramas’ team also arrested his twin brother, Rodel, when they recovered two small sachets of shabu from his possession.

In Inabanga, the police personnel also arrested another suspected drug pusher, identified as one Decino Petalcorin, in a buy-bust operation at around 11 a.m. on yesterday, July 2, in barangay Ilaud.

The municipal police team, led by Senior Insp. Roland Antipolo confiscated eight small sachets of shabu from him, with estimated weight of 0.08 grams and with estimated value of P800, and the P200 buy-bust money.

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