Duterte – De Lima tiff

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Duterte – De Lima tiff

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jayOrdinarily the DOJ secretary must be superior in knowledge in criminal law than the prosecutor.

But here we have a former prosecutor President against a former DOJ Secretary  turned senator.

In matters of criminal law, this time I will bet on the prosecutor.

It becomes clear now that the President has used his prosecutorial skills in pinning down the former DOJ Secretary .


He postures  confidence he has the goods, the evidence,  against the DOJ Secretary.

The charge is serious. Did drug money flow into the hands of the former DOJ Secretary to finance her electoral campaign?

This one is clear: under the term of De Lima as DOJ Secretary, the Bilibid was an open  marketplace of illegal drugs, prostitution, bribery.

That cannot be denied.

The salacious sideshow here is that De Lima, according to the President is in an adulterous relation with her driver.

The latest is that media has began documenting the alleged mansions of the driver.


The question is: Where did all the money to build the driver’s mansions come from?


From drugs or from De Lima? Or from both?

Was the driver paid with taxpayers money while working for the former DOJ Secretary?

It’s really a problem when you try to posture yourself as righteous, more popish than the pope.


It will come back to you.

There is this accusation of misogyny ( a contempt against women) on the part of the President.


Critics of the President play the gender card in his tiff with De Lima

Former Press Secretary Edwin Lacierda publicly accused the President of maintaining a vacuum of respect for women in fighting De Lima.


The charge is that De Lima is, or was having a sexual relationship with his married driver.

The President charged De Lima for being immoral.

De Lima’s defenders, including Senator Hontiveros, cry misogyny.

But what about the driver’s legitimate wife?

She is  the real victim in the adulterous fix, isn’t it?

The President charged the kabit’s immorality, which has victimized, humiliated, dishonored the legitimate wife.

In defending the kabit over the legal wife, you have the temerity to cry misogyny?

Is it misogyny to decry the kabit in defense of the legitimate wife?

In any event, we kindly ask Senator De Lima to answer the President’s charges.

They are serious.

The people have the right to know. (By Atty. Jay I. Dejaresco)

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