Who wants Duterte gov’t destabelized?

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Who wants Duterte gov’t destabelized?

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LESS THAN 90 DAYS OLD, it is quite unusual for a newly installed government like   that of Digong Duterte’s, to be already  facing “destabilization”. Instead of a honeymoon period of wine, roses and caviar- it seems some  “destabilization” efforts are  getting serious.

At least that is what the country’s No 1 Spy- the National Security Adviser secretary Hermogenes Esperon Jr. believes . The prime suspect-movers of the plot could  be the “drug players” whose industry has been severely crippled by the  relentless  government war versus drugs as initiated by the president.

The “drug industry”, no cottage industry this,is one of the country’s biggest. Imagine the figure of 3.7 million drug users- that is the industry’s captive market. “Captive” because the sponsors need not advertise the products- because that huge  market is already  addicted to them (illegal drugs).

Try one’s math and assume that each drug user spends only P500 a month or P6,000 a year and multiply that figure by 3.7 million . The result is hundreds of billions of pesos – that is the size of the drug  industry.  They also pay no taxes- whether  drugs are  smuggled from abroad or illicitly manufactured here.


Neither though they pay VAT for every sale nor any income tax – because the Drug Industry” is an underground industry. Therefore, it  is so lucrative- it can have politicians, judges, cops , runners, fronts and killers at their beck and call.

Today- drug prices have skyrocketed almost beyond the  reach of the average addict because the supply is down by 80%. To the “drug players”- there is “hell to pay” for those responsible for messing up their very profitable crime.

Who else has been targeted -reportedly- but Digong and his Top Gun (top is also gone) Bato de la Rosa with an alleged combined budget of P1-B to bring the two to the cemetery or the memorial park?

Esperon says they have been religiously watching suspicious “movements” of funds- and they are trying to connect the dots as spies are wont to do. The PMA-graduate  and former AFP Chief of Staff  said the bombing in Roxas Market in Davao City (15 killed and 100 wounded) is just  a small part of that big  plan.

General Bato had hinted at links between the “drug pLayers” and the Abu Sayyafs- the first one for the  funding, the second executing the game plan.  The ASG initially claimed and then retracted their authorship of the Davao carnage.

Interestingly, no clear  Davao suspect has been charged, so far.


A separate group of so-called “Fil-Americans” is also  allegedly finishing the road map that will finish the short presidential career of the 71-year old Duterte by January 2017. Thus blip was allegedly captured in the  intelligence radar of either Cabinet secretaries presidential spokesperson Ernesto Abella or DFA secretary Perfecto Yasay Jr. They were both in New York recently.


What is the interest of this Fil-Am Group? It is hard to decipher at the moment – if indeed true.

Another unrelated point of interest was the recent isolation of a Saudi Arabian airplane from Jeddah with 431 passengers  into a remote area of the NAIA because the pilot had allegedly TWICE pressed the “crisis” button towards  the airport authorities.

The passengers were , however, successfully made to deplane safely-hours later. There is, however,  a pesky, unofficial rumor that indeed there was a “foiled attempt” of a terrorist bombing  (in that airplane) that was kept under wraps for security and image reasons. How true?


The United States of America,on the other hand,  has always looked at the Philippines as a strategic ally in the Asia Pacific region due to its vital  location.  The VFA (Visiting Forces Agreement)  today is  America’s confirmation of their need for more military  presence in the Far East  after being yanked out of Clark and Subic bases by the Philippine senate in 1991.

While the bases were here, the USA made her presence felt up to the highest echelons of government. Despite the plunder and the human rights violations in the Marcos era, Washington supported the dictator because he may be an “S.O.B” (son of a bitch) but Marcos was USA’s S.O.B.


But when EDSA One threatened to explode into a civil war, American president Ronald Reagan  was forced to ask Marcos “to cut and cut cleanly”-and provided  the vital  plane to exile him to Hawaii.

Then, at the height of coup d’etats of the military rebels in 1999 versus president Cory Aquino, only the flights of American jet fighters  hovering over Malacanang convinced the rebel soldiers that they had America to face if they fell Cory. They stopped.

Without the bases here today, America has to  play ball more carefully. Digong had clearly told America he was no Washington lackey -and besides a new American polls is forthcoming in November. American -Philippines relations is, therefore, still hanging on a delicate balance today.

Despite Duterte’s acerbic ,colorful language versus America and its president- we still  see no rhyme and reason for the USA to destabilize (at this point)  the Philippines and push a historic Pacific ally into the waiting arms of a China and Russia.

Because of Duterte’s predisposition to strong-arm  tactics (although he has publicly announced as a lawyer, he will uphold the rule of law), he has to rely on the unconditional loyalty of the men in uniform. His recent  numerous camp visitations and his partiality to the soldiers’ financial and physical welfare are signs Digong needs them badly on his side  in this vicious fight against drugs and criminality.

One thing going for the president is that  like the late Cory Aquino, Duterte is a fatalist. A believer in destiny that the presidency was given in that fashion and ( as well)  he is ready to die – in his words ” ready to sacrifice my honor , life and presidency” to attain his goals.

Which truly means any destabilization moves will succeed only “over Duterte’s  dead body.” That is an important part of the equation  that the destabilizers  have factored in -in their equation.

But for as  long as there is widespread and committed (not just fence sitting) civilian support and loyalty of the military to the government , any talks of destabilization at this  point may be premature.

President Digong thence  has to now  play his cards more smart than tough from hereon.

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