Drug-busts: 31 arrested

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Drug-busts: 31 arrested

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Relentless anti-illegal drugs operations continued to score with at least 31 more drug personalities arrested in a week where Tagbilaran City Police Station still topping the record.

In the last update as of press time, three suspected drug pushers were arrested at around 4:45 p.m. yesterday during a buy-bust operation at Pamaong Private Road in Tagbilaran City.

The City Anti-Illegal Drugs Special Operations Task Group (CAIDSOTG) identified the arrested persons asPaul Magallanes, Maxwell Ragas, Edjohn Manluluyo- -all of legal age.

The CAIDSOTG confiscated from them, the 500-peso bill used as marked money, and four sachets of shabu with estimated value of P4,000.


In another operation early morning on October 5, the CAIDSOTG arrested a 17-year-old minor and his 37-year-old companion for allegedly selling illegal drugs at Purok 6 in barangay Manga.

PO1 Ray Neil Bibat said the minor handed a sachet of shabu to a cop who acted as poseur-buyer in exchange of P500 which was received by the suspect’s companion, Leo Subingsubing.

The buy-bust was conducted right in front of Subingsubing’s residence.

 The search that followed resulted to the confiscation of P30,000 worth of shabu in assorted sizes of sachets from the minor.

Subingsubing has been detained at the lock-up jail of the Tagbilaran City police while the arrested minor was in the custody of the Women and Children Protection Desk of the city police station prior to his turn-over to the Department of Social Welfare and Development office.

The Provincial Public Safety Company (PPSC)-SWAT team also arrested another suspected drug pusher and nine suspected drug users in another operation at around 4:30 p.m. on October 5 in sitio Karaw-an in barangay Dampas, this city.


 The SWAT Team led by PSupt. Patricio Dega Jr. identified the arrested persons as Julius Jaula, 31, resident of sitio Karaw-an; Jick Marimon, 48, resident of San Vicente, Maribojoc; Rodulfo Gumayao, 31, resident of barangay Looc, Panglao; Angelito Baay, 20, resident of Hinlayagan, Trinidad; Andrew Abanto, 33, resident of Totolan, Dauis; Zosimo Miao, 44, resident of sitio Ubos in Causeway area, Tagbilaran City; Ricky Sampoton, 18, resident of Booy, Tagbilaran City; Jaime Kadungog, 30, resident of Lapaz, Cortes; Edsel Somostrada, 35, resident of Poblacion 3, Tagbilaran City; and Alrene Nunez, 21, resident of Dampas.


The SWAT team confiscated five sachets of shabu with estimated weight of two grams and estimated value of P2500.00.

On the same day in the city, the SWAT team also arrested two suspected drug pushers in a buy-bust operation at Habitat Village in barangay Bool.

Degay identified the arrested persons as Edgar Arcamo, a 53-year-old resident of Bool, and Geovani Seloterio, a 39-year-old resident of Gallares St.


They yielded four small sachets of shabu with estimated weight of three grams and estimated value of P10,000.

The CAIDSOTG also arrested a 48-year-old suspected drug pusher in another buy-bust on October 2 in barangay Dampas.


SPO4 Yolando Bagotchay identified the arrested person as one Jessie Cortesano, who transacted with the poseur-buyer near his residence.

He was caught selling a sachet of shabu for P500 to the poseur-buyer. Two more sachets of shabu were recovered from his possession when the cops frisked him.

On the same day, a barangay tanod in Potohan, Tubigon was arrested in a buy-bust operation conducted in barangay Pook Oriental.

Police identified the arrested 47-year-old tanod as Jose Neil Nacua Sr.

Nacua yielded four sachets of shabu.

In another buy-bust operation conducted shortly past midnight on October 4, the CAIDSOTG in Tagbilaran arrested one Michael Inglis, a 47-year-old resident of Purok 1 in barangay Dao.

In the buy-bust operation conducted at Butalid St. in Causeway area of Poblacion 1, Inglis was caught selling a sachet of shabu worth P500 to a police posing as a buyer.

The police team recovered four small and four medium sachets of shabu from Inglis.

On October 1, a team from NBI-Bohol arrested six persons caught in possession of three grams of shabu and repacking materials in an interdiction operation.

Lawyer Arcelito Albao of NBI-Bohol identified the arrested persons as Judelyn Perfecto, Francilita Cagabcab, Kerby Torres, Wilfred Luza, Hector Oyson, and Vincent Indig.

The NBI team recovered from them, one pack used foil, four lighters, six pairs of scissors, nine plastic scoops, three tooters, one steel clips, two cutters, one pack used foils, and eight strips of cellophane with suspected shabu weighing approximately three grams with street value of around P15,000.

Perfecto is from Bayawa, Negros Occidental; Cagabcab is from Surigao City; Torres, 40, is from Marapao St., Tagbilaran City; Luza is from Baclayon; , Oyson is from Lutopan, Toledo City, Cebu; and Indig is from Cebu City.

They are all charged for violations of Sections 6, 7, 11, 12, and 15, Article II of RA 9165.

In another buy-bust operation on October 3 in the city, the CIDG, in coordination with PPSC and PDEA, arrested one Nino Boron, a cohort of the subject identified as Joel Manlabao. Manlabao managed to escape.

Aside from the sachet of shabu that was the subject of the sale, the police team confiscated two more sachets of shabu from Boron with total weight of 2.9 grams and street value of P9,500.

Boron also yielded a Black Widow pistol pistol without serial number loaded with five caliber 9mm live ammunitions.

In Jagna, at 4 a.m. yesterday, a team from the municipal police arrested another drug pusher during a buy-bust operation in barangay Tejero.

Police identified the arrested person as Renante Salamanca, a 37-year-old resident of barangay Pagina, ranked as second in the top ten drug personalities in the town.

Aside from the small sachet of shabu he sold to the poseur-buyer, he also yielded seven more small sachets of shabu when police frisked him.

In Baclayon, the municipal police team arrested one Alvin Narido, an 18-year-old resident of sitio Landican, during a buy-bust operation.

Narido yielded three small sachets of shabu, aside from the one he handed to the poseur-buyer; and three pieces of rolled tinfoil.


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