Road accidents still top non-index crimes

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Road accidents still top non-index crimes

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A motorcycle-riding teenager was killed after he slammed straight into an incoming passenger bus in Bilar at past 7 a.m. on June 27. (FILE PHOTO)

Traffic-related incidents still top the statistics on non-index crimes wherein the Bohol Police Provincial Office (BPPO) already recorded 559 traffic-related incidents from June to August 22.

Of the statistics, 131 had been recorded in the first 22 days of August, lower than the record of 199 in July and 229 in June.

From June until August 22, the BPPO recorded 5 incidents attributed to human error, 44 to vehicular condition, 82 to road condition, and 23 to environmental factors.

Overspeeding tops the human error blamed for the traffic-related incidents with 68 in the record.


Premature overtaking ranked next with 30 incidents attributed to it; followed by driving under the influence of liquor with 51.

Other cases of human error included those attributed to improper turns with 50 in the record; untrained driver, 32; aggressive driver, 31; hit pedestrian crossing, 6; driving in wrong lane, 13; drowsy driver, 3; loss of control, one; entering no-entry directions, one; street racing, one; not using seatbelt, and one, sudden or quick stop, four.

Traffic incidents attributed to vehicle condition included those that involved design defect with 14 incidents; brake failure, 5; and tire blowouts, two.

Those attributed to road condition included those that involved road obstruction with 7 incidents; slippery roads, 5; night driving, 6; and no proper signage, 3.

Environmental factors included 10 cases that involved animal crossing and four cases that involved falling debris.

The traffic-related incidents recorded from June to August 22 involved 327 motorcycle riders not wearing helmets, and 12 wearing helmets.


Of the incidents, 41 involved four-wheel vehicles.


Of those not wearing helmets, 24 were killed and 303 were only injured; while of those wearing helmets, none died and 12 were injured only.

The record also shows that Dauis topped the 10 areas with most number of traffic-related incidents, having posted 38 cases.

Talibon ranked next with 26 cases; followed by Albur with 22; Tagbilaran, 14; Lila, 13; Sierra-Bullones, 13; Guindulman, 12; Bilar, 11; Loon, 11; and Baclayon, 10.


During the recent celebration of Panglao town fiesta, 10 vehicular had already been recorded on August 27-28.

PO1 Mark Llana of Panglao Police Station said that the 10 vehicular accidents occurred in at least four barangays in just two days at the height of the fiesta revelry wherein only three to four involved 4-wheel vehicles.


Most of the accidents occurred in the Poblacion area, while the others were in barangays Tangnan, Tawala and Bolod.

The incidents resulted to minor injuries, except the one which occurred at 5:15 p.m. on August 28 in barangay Tangnan.

PO1 Llana said witnesses told them that the victim, identified as one Isidro Mutia, a native of Bilar town who was described to be in his 50s, was driving his motorcycle along barangay Tangnan ahead of a Mitsubishi Lancer at that time.

The Mitsubishi Lancer driven by Nestor Bompat, a 48-year-old resident of barangay Bil-isan in Panglao, was running fast and bumped the victim’s motorcycle.

As a result of the impact, the victim was thrown first to the windshield of the Mitsubishi Lancer behind him before landing on the concrete road.

The victim sustained severe damage on the head which caused his instantaneous death.

According to witnesses, the victim was wearing a helmet but it was removed due to the impact on the windshield and he no longer had his helmet on when his head hit the road.

 PO1 Llana said Bompat was no longer there when the responding police team arrived the area where the accident happened as he had proceeded to his brother’s house.

 Bompat later voluntarily surrendered to the police station of Panglao and was still in the state of shock when interviewed by the police investigators, according to PO1 Llana.

 Bompat was able to present his driver’s license but the certificate of registration of the Mitsubishi Lancer was still with his relative who owns it.

Crime volume in 22 days this month is lower than last month’s statistics by 30.87 percent.

The BPPO recorded 441 incidents for the period, August 1-22, while it posted 638 in July and 700 in June.

Index crimes continued to decrease from 232 in June, 203 in July and 133 in August.

Non-Index crimes also decrease from 468 in June to 435 in July and 308 in August.

The statistics for crimes against person shows increase in cases of murder from two in June to three in July and four this month.

Homicide fluctuates from one in June to three in July and one this month.

Cases of physical injury decreased from 68 in June to 56 in July to 38 this month.

Statistics on rape fluctuates from nine in June to five in July and seven this month.

The statistics for crimes against property shows a significant decrease in cases of robbery from 52 in June to 29 in July to 27 this month.

Cases of theft also decreased significantly from 92 in June to 91 in July to 50 this month.

Cases of carnapping at first increased from eight in June to 16 in July, but decreased to six, so far, this month.

There has been no report of cattle rustling since June.

From August 1-22, the BPPO recorded 86 cases as a result of the implementation of special laws. The BPPO recorded 126 in July and 124 in June.

For other non-index crimes, the BPPO recorded 115 in June, 110 in July, and 91 from August 1-22.

The Average Monthly Crime Rate (AMCR) decreased from 51.36 percent in June, then to 46.81 percent for July and 32.36 percent for this month up to August 22.

 The Average Monthly Index Crime Rate (AMICR) also decreased from 17.02 percent in June, to 14.89 percent in the July to 9.76 percent from August 1-22.

As to Crime Solution Efficiency (CSE), the BPPO record shows an improvement from 61 percent of the 748 cases in May, to 60 percent or 419 of the 700 cases solved in June, to 69 percent or 442 of the 638 cases solved in July, and 49 percent or 218 of 441 cases solved in the period, August 1-22.

BPPO’s crime clearance efficiency also improved from 64 percent with 451 of the 700 cases solved in June to 72 percent in July where462 of 638 cases solved, and to 61 percent from August 1-22 where 271 of the 441 cases solved.

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