Road accidents still top non-index crimes in Bohol

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Road accidents still top non-index crimes in Bohol

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Traffic-related incidents comprised more than half of the non-index crimes recorded in the last two months in Bohol with human error topping the four major factors.

Of the 896 non-index crimes recorded from October 16 to December 15, around 58.1 percent more or 521 were traffic-related incidents.

 Of the 521 TRIs recorded in two months, 437 had been attributed to human error, while only 39 had been attributed to road condition, eight to vehicle condition and 12 to environmental factors.

The Bohol Police Provincial Office (BPPO) distributed the incidents attributed to the human error into 12 types of human error.


Aggressive driving topped among the types of human error with 101 TRIs falling under it, followed by overspeeding with 84 incidents, and improper turns with 73 incidents.

The other types of human error were premature overtaking with 54 cases; driving under the influence of liquor, 42; untrained driver, 41; pedestrian crossing, 14; driving in wrong lane, seven; drowsy driver, six; loss of control, seven; street racing, two; and sudden quick stop, six.

Falling under vehicle condition as the factor are design defect which contributed five TRIs, brake failure which had two incidents, and tire blowout with one incident.

The types of TRIs attributed to road condition had been segregated as to those blamed to road obstruction- -seven incidents; slippery road- -11 incidents; dark road or night driving- -16; and no proper signage- -five incidents.

Those attributed to environmental factors included 12 incidents blamed to animal crossing and no incident blamed to falling debris.

The BPPO also noted that 22 of the 23 killed in road accidents were not wearing helmets.

Of those who had survived but sustained injuries, 460 were not wearing helmets and eight were wearing helmets.

The statistics also showed that most of the TRIs occurred at 6 p.m. where 52 incidents during the two-month period had been recorded at such time of the day.

There were 47 TRIs that occurred at 4 p.m., 46 at 5 p.m.; while there were 32 incidents at 1 p.m. and also 32 at 3 p.m.

The next in rank in terms of the time of the day with a noticeable number of TRIs was 8 a.m. with 31 incidents, then at 7 p.m. with 29 incidents.

The record also shows that 26 incidents occurred at 9 a.m., 25 incidents at 12 p.m., 23 incidents at 7 a.m., 21 incidents at 8 p.m., 18 incidents at 6 a.m., 18 incidents also at 2 p.m., 11 incidents at 9 pm., 10 incidents at 10 p.m., eight incidents at 12 a.m., seven incidents at 5 a.m., six incidents at 11 p.m., five incidents at 5 a.m., four incidents at 1 a.m., and one incident at 2 a.m.; while there had been no TRI recorded at 5 a.m.

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