PNP-Trinidad clarifies Balilihan road accident

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PNP-Trinidad clarifies Balilihan road accident

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The police report shows that at around 7 a.m. on January 16, Ballihan police station received a cellphone call from PSInsp. Marcelino Mejias, informing that there was a motorcycle incident at barangay Magsija in the town. 

PNP elements of Balilihan station, led by SPO3 Reynaldo Celis, immediately proceeded to the area to investigate the report. 

Based on initial investigation, Mejias and SPO4 Anie Torreon where onboard the Trinidad PNP patrol car going to Tagbilaran City that was driven by PO1 Edgardo Salvador and upon reaching at Brgy Magsija in Balilihan, they saw a motorist that suddenly crashed down at the road.

As a result, Mejias instructed the driver to park accordingly and to help the motorist and called the assistance of Balilihan PS.


Unfortunately no available ambulance that could cater to the immediate transport of the victim.

So, Mejias decided that they should transport the victim onboard at the PNP patrol car.

While on their way going to Gov. Celestino Gallares Memorial Hospital, one of them asked on how it happened and Salvador revealed that the driver of the motorcycle had told him that he suddenly pressed his hands on the throttle but the left handle around the throttle was accidentally detached which was the main cause of the accident. 

The Balilihan police followed to the hospital where they found the victim lying in bed and unconscious.

On the part of the Trinidad police, PSInsp. Marcos Lopez, Trinidad chief of police, told The Chronicle that their patrol car was only responding to the road accident involving the motorcycle that was behind it.

Lopez narrated that three police officers were onboard their patrol car- – PO1 Edgardo Salvador who was the one driving it, SPO4 Anie Torreon  who is their deputy chief, and PInsp. Mejias who is the chief of police of Dagohoy.

Lopez narrated, based on what those onboard the police car had told him, the patrol car was running at 30 kilometers per hour and the motorcycle was behind them.

The patrol car bound for Tagbilaran was traversing the road along Balilihan at around 7 a.m. on January 16. They left Trinidad at around 5 a.m.

The three police officers onboard the patrol car were heading to Tagbilaran City to attend a conference.

Lopez clarified that contrary to what had been reported on TV which was quoted in viral FB posts, it was not the patrol car that hit the motorcycle.

He said Salvador was still able to talk with the victim and that the victim had told Salvador that the plastic material covering the throttle of his motorcycle was removed, causing him to lose control and fell on the ground.

Salvador recalled that while they were travelling at 30 kph, they suddenly heard a sound and Mejias saw a motorcycle behind them that had fallen on the ground, prompting Torreon- -who was at the front passenger seat- -to look at the side mirror.

As Salvador and Torreon saw from the side mirror that the victim had already fallen on the ground, Torreon looked back and suggested that they should return and help the victim.

Torreon then called for an ambulance. But no ambulance came.

A police officer from Balilihan police station also came to investigate the incident.

There were also onlookers who took video footage of them and they believed it was made the source of the news that came out.

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