A happy, humorous Christmas

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A happy, humorous Christmas

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ONCE UPON A MIDNIGHT CLEAR,   there was born in a manger in Bethlehem inside a stable of animals, Jesus, the Son of the Living God.

The Shepherds were awaken by the light that engulfed the stable- today people would say it’s a UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) that  landed.

Elsewhere, three kings from the East were guided by the Star of Bethlehem to pay homage to a King, predicted to save the world from sin. Today people believe in Madame Auring.

Today, firecrackers burst and the best choice food is laden on the table. But  children expect more of Santa Claus than the birth of Jesus wrapped  in swaddling clothes and laying on a manger.  People have secularized Christmas.


As children, we truly once  believed there was a Santa Claus,  who was out to find out if we were naughty or nice-so behave we did in December. When we heard the song ” I Saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus under the mistletoe last night” – we feared the bearded one was a pervert hiding behind a big stomach and red cap.  And Mommy was the naughty one- not us, don’t look now.

In time, we knew it was just Daddy and Mommy playing cute, pretending to be our Santa Claus bearing us gifts. Nowadays kids no longer  believe there is a Santa from  Iceland because their gifts are all wrapped in National Bookstore paper. 

Men, are  in sense, going through a Santa Claus lifeline. First they believe in Santa, then they doubt him   and before  long-they become Santa themselves and then look at other Santas after them. Hohoho.

In periods of depression, it is said that one reindeer was missing from the sleigh- because  Santa had nothing more to eat. Cruel,  that Fat Man in Red. Even the sea creatures reportedly celebrate Christmas underwater proven by divers who witnessed the  “Christmas corals” while we cherish the “Christmas carols” on earth.

So far, the most expensive Christmas gift of Santa  is said to be a broken drum. “Because nothing can beat it.” Ahaha.

A storm will hit the country, PAGASA says,  during this Christmas day. On such a similar day many years ago when the skies were cloudy- Santa cautioned his sleigh animals , saying: ” Looks like rain, deer”. The reindeers snickered behind the Fat Man’s behind. 


And what about in the Garden of Eden a long time ago? What did you suppose Adam say to Eve on the night before Christmas Day?


Adam said: ” Merry Christmas, Eve.” It was midnight. Haha.

Joseph and the nine-months pregnant Mary rode a donkey (they could not afford a horse) till they reached Bethlehem. Tales there are that they could not be accommodated in the inns as they actually did not have enough money.

Yet in their poverty, they claimed obedience first to the Lord’s prodding. ” I am a handmaid of the Lord, be it done unto me according to His word.” . Mary said. Likewise, Joseph, the Carpenter from Arimathea. 


Christmas is the beginning of the Greatest Love Story of All Times.  It is when Jesus allowed himself to be born in a humble manner- to repay our debt He did not owe and to erase the sins we offend God with- by dying on the Cross 33 years later.

Three years of His public life, Jesus taught all about love, generosity and forgiveness.  Of what did you do to  the least of your brethren?  Not whether you are a cum laude. a Grammy or Oscar awardee, or a president of your Lowly Seniors Club or have the face of a Marian Rivera.  None of those.


A story is told of an elderly,sickly widow . She was slowly losing her eyesight and asked her children who would ever take care of her in her future infirmity?

The youngest daughter said “No worry, Mama, I will take care of you for the rest of my life.” And she peacefully embraced her future assured of a child’s love and care.

Three years later, the youngest figured in a bus accident-killing all passengers except her but she would lose her eyesight forever.

“Do not look for eye donors, my child, I will give up my two eyes for you, Anyhow, I just have a few more years to live-but you need healthy eyes for your future.”

All the members of the family wept as it was truly a family that understood the real meaning of Christmas. Love and care for others. 

“And it came upon a midnight clear…………..”

 Christmas Joke:

      Loyalist: ” O, ikaw rally ka nang rally-

                          bakit nanduon  ka ba noong Martial Law?

      Millennial:”Ikaw  saya ka nang saya pag Christmas, bakit 

                           nasa Bethlehem ka ba?”


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