Tagbilaran all-out for Art Yap for gov

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Tagbilaran all-out for Art Yap for gov

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Tagbilaran City barangays now come out in open, strongly backing the gubernatorial bid of Deputy Speaker Arthur Yap.

Deputy Speaker Yap yesterday visited six of the 15 barangays in Tagbilaran City for consultative meetings with barangay leaders and barangayfolk where he impressed the crowd with his signature, “Buhat ang Pasultion” slogan.

In response, the Pundok Panaghiusa of Tagbilaran City Mayor John Geesnell Yap pledged full support to Pundok Padayon Bol-anon led by Art Yap.

Tagbilaranons from the six barangays visited by Art Yap’s group thanked the latter for the P15-million worth of projects for this year which have been included in the 2019 national budget.


Art yap assures to continue development in the province and in the city

Art Yap was accompanied by Mayor Yap, Gov. Edgar Chatto, First District Rep. Rene Relampagos, Board Member Abel Damalerio and other Padayon Bol-anon Tagbilaran chapter.

Padayon Bol-anon stalwarts will continue their Tagbilaran consultative meetings today in the remaining nine barangays in the city.

In the March 2 round of consultative meetings, Yap’s group visited barangays Manga, under Barangay Captain Deo Dalida; Poblacion II, under Barangay Captain Allan Real; Booy, under Barangay Captain Eulogia Ayeng; Ubujan, under Barangay Captain Mary Jane Ruiz; Tiptip , under Barangay Captain Jimmy Lantape; Taloto, under Barangay Captain Eugene Zamora; Cabawan, under Barangay CaptainSergio Bangalao; and Cogon, under Barangay Captain Nick Besas.

During yesterday’s gatherings, Mayor Yap endorsed Deputy Speaker Yap as his gubernatorial candidate.

 Chatto, who is running for congressman of first district, told the crowd that he wants to continue the development agenda of the province.


Relampagos, Deputy Speaker Yap’s runningmate, recalls the vision for Bohol penned during his incumbency as governor.


For his part, Board Member Damalerio, highlighted the development projects implemented under the Chatto administration as he described what it means to be a true Boholano.

In his nine-year stint as representative of third district, Art Yap regularly visited the district’s 436 barangays and facilitated billions of pesos worth of projects to third district municipalities and barangays. 

In the 2019 Budget alone, Art Yap has worked to include in the national GAA, about P560-million worth of projects for 200 barangays.


In his message to Tagbilaran residents, Art Yap asked Bol-anons to give premium to past performance above anything else.

 Art Yap intends to continue the province’s tourism drive and will support agriculture development to continue the drive to bring down Bohol’s poverty level beyond the current 21-percent level.


He also exhorts the people not to be drawn to the lies and promises of politicians in the 2019 elections, but to look to their past performance and projects to justify their readiness and worthiness to be elected into office.

Art Yap is presently the deputy speaker of the House of Representatives, and former secretary of agriculture.  

He frontally dealt with the issue that he is not a true Bol-anon.  

He twitted the people that when he was appointed secretary of agriculture, serving from 2006 to 2010, the people of Bohol accepted him and claimed him as a Bol-anon.

So, too, when he was made a deputy speaker and yet today, his detractors claim that he is not a Bol-anon.

Art Yap told the crowds that for many, being a Bol-anon is an accident but not for him.

Art Yap fell in love with Carol Budiongan Varquez Gow of Loboc, daughter of Inday Annie Budiongan Varquez, and decided to be a Bol-Anon and has faithfully served the Third District of Bohol in the past nine years. 

 Belting out his signature “Remember Me” song for the crowds, Yap crooned his way into the people’s hearts and harvested goodwill and admiration from the crowds for his position not to engage in divisive politics and conflict with his oppositors. 

Yap merely reminded the people to give importance to past performance as the barometer of a candidate’s worthiness to seek public office. 

Yap reminded the people: “Buhat maoy pasultion, dili sulti maoy pabuhaton.”

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