Move on gracefully

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Move on gracefully

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Things will never be the same again.

After this pandemic, if ever it will end soon, our lives would have been changed, forcing us to adjust and adapt to new realities and priorities. 

For one, the weeks of quarantine have compelled us to limit our activities and interaction with each other. Being social animals, this isolation increases the pressure and stress on usgregarious beings, which led to the development of psychological and physical disorders on some.

But no one is spared. It is not an exaggeration to say that we are having the psychological fight of our lives.


Yet, our lives should not stop. As we gear up for the re-opening of the province, the country, and the whole world, we need to prepare for the “new normal”. Indeed, this will be a long-haul process.

And so, what can we do? Manage as gracefully as we can. A psychological struggle like this requires acceptance that it will be difficult. The best that we can do is take care of our mental and physical health.

To move on, try these suggestions:

  1. Practice mindful breathing – I have been repeating this many times in my talks and articles. Intentional breathing is what keeps us grounded. It physiologically alters nervous system functioning and brings about psychological and emotional calmness.
  2. Commune with nature – Go out (wear your mask of course just in case there are patrols) early in the morning or late in the afternoon, and consciously absorb the energies emanating from trees, plants, grasses, the sky, the heavens, the stars, mountains, and even the sea if you are close to it. Notice how simple life can be. It is actually all that we need. Don’t you know that medical doctors are prescribing a walk in nature as a remedy to illnesses?
  3. Move – You cannot be static. You cannot just glue yourself on the television or on Facebook. That will be detrimental. Move under the sun and sweat out regularly. Now, more than ever, is the time to benefit much from exercise. It will surely make us more prepared for the next pandemic, God forbids.
  4. Reconnect with family and neighbors – Laugh with them. Talk to them. Do something together with your children or spouse. Or better still, reach out to a neighbor and help them with something. We need each other.
  5. Talk out your feelings with someone you trust – Being listened to is paramount in building up a healthy mind and body. If you need a professional counselor, you can access free counseling offered by various groups such as Project Bohol or Pagpakabuhi. Search them ouy on Facebook.
  6. Pray unceasingly – Prayer builds our relationship with God. When we are secure with a being more than we are, it dispels our feelings of anxiety and fear. When we know that our worth is more than what and who we are in this earth, such knowledge brings us beyond what we experience now, and prepares us better for anything.
  7. Remember, we will live…even longer than we expect. But how we live is more important than how long. And the world we knew is changing. But there is no need to worry. If the birds in air live and lilies on the pond grow on their own, there is no reason to doubt if we can. We only need to trust and move on gracefully.

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