Traveling again?

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Traveling again?

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Some FB friends have been sending me information and notices, updating me that travel restrictions are being lifted, and now, flights are available.

 I needed to go to PAL. I tried going this morning, but they were closed and don’t open till 130 pm. Since I was so sleepy after lunch, I slept for a couple hours.

It was past two when I woke up. This means my bohol phase is probably over.

I can visit my aunt in Cebu one last time, then proceed to Manila, then maybe Baguio and Tagaytay.


I need to see if international travel is open already as I did want to go to Hongkong, Singapore, Taiwan, and japan. Maybe, it is foolhardy at this point and time. Too haphazardous but no harm in inquiring.

 Probably a good time to book a trip back to America. Time has really gone by quickly.

Just like a dream. Time does fly when you’re having fun, and yes, even with Covid-19 and all that, I enjoyed my stay immensely. Praise the lord.

 Just still wished restaurants were open! (Is food all I ever think about?)? No. I miss watching movies. Those who know me knows I am a movie addict. I can watch four movies a day. No problem.

 So being cut off my favorite activities is no joke. But even if I was in America, it would still be the same scenario. No eating out, no movies. So being here in Tagbilaran I feel so blessed. I got to eat all my favorite foods (again?) to my hearts content.

Guess what I had for lunch? Three, I repeat, three bà Chang’s! No wonder I slept like a baby. Guess what I’m having for dinner? Chinese lumpia. Haha.


The minute I heard about flights reopening, food was the first thing I thought of. I’m going to ask Delia to make me some pancit molo, buy me more bà Chang and Kimkuykee, etc. all my favorites that I can’t eat in America. It’s like my last meals. Fatten up the cow (me) haha.


  I was at the Philippine Airlines ticketing office. Got there around four. There were a lot of people waiting outside. Only five people allowed to go inside.

 I had already prepared a list of questions to ask. Basing from the information I got from my FB friends, there was a list of requirements that I needed.

 Barangay clearance, authority to travel, medical certificates, exit clearance, etc etc. so many bureaucratic hoops I have to go through. And some of them are only good for twenty four hours, like the barangay clearance and medical certificate.


I waited thirty minutes when the guard told us to go home, saying they were no longer letting people in.

 Most of the people left except three of us who decided to stay. I figured it was only 4:30 pm and they close at 5 p.m. Hope springs eternal.


 Well, patience and persistence got rewarded and we were able to get in. Talked and made friends with people while I was waiting. Really a small world as I met Inday Bustamante who also hails from Los Angeles except she is in the Orange County area, and she knows my brother in law, Michael Veloso.

Met an American from Oklahoma who has been here for 8 months. He is more of a native as he has a house here; he resides between Albur and Sikatuna.

 So it was an interesting day. Will need to go back tomorrow. Will see if I can book a flight in July or august to Los Angeles. But pal has no flights to Baguio or Tagaytay.

 So I’ll have to go to Cebu and visit my aunt, then book a flight to Manila to go to Baguio and Tagaytay.

 So many things to see and do. One step at a time so I don’t get overwhelmed. Davao? Gensan? Hongkong? Taiwan? Singapore? Japan? Take this opportunity while I can still travel because we don’t know what the future holds.

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