Boholanos mark 450th Blood Compact tom’row

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Boholanos mark 450th Blood Compact tom’row

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450th Blood CompactBoholanos will mark tomorrow the 450th anniversary of the historic Blood Compact or the Treaty of Friendship between Boholano chieftain Datu Sikatuna and visiting Spaniard Governor Miguel Lopez de Legaspi.
Unlike in the neighboring province of Cebu where Spaniard Magellan was killed, Legaspi was welcomed with a hospitable heart by residents in barangay Bo-ol, this city.Gov. Edgar Chatto and Mayor John Geesnell Yap will lead in the wreath laying ceremony at the life size bronze monument of both Legaspi and Sikatuna.
A Holy Mass will kick-off the observance at 7 o’clock tomorrow morning.
Tomorrow, will also be the launching of this year;s “Saulog which represents the faith of the people while the Blood Compact iis a symboic testament of the Boholanos’ hospitality,
Mayor Yap said the historical value of the Blood Compact and the recognition it gives are compelling reason to highlight its significance. In fact, the city’s identity as the “City of Friendship” is derived from this trait of the people who met Legaspi.
He said the Blood Compact or “Sandugo” is an ancient ritual which is intended to seal a friendship or to validate an agreement by pouring their own blood into a cup filled with liquid, such as wine.
This happened in 1565 when the famous Sandugo between Legaspi and Sikatuna did the historic episode which has been an iconic catch phrase for Bohol ever since. Live mannequins of Datu Sikatuna and Spanish Gov. Miguel Lopez de Legaspi will be seen in the area tomorrow.
A re-enactment of the Sandugo will be presented to visualize the historical event.
Meanwhile, the proposed Sandugo Shrine will be pursued by the Yap administration.
Mayor Yap is bullish to make the Blood Compact as the prime tourist destination in the
city. A full scale development plan will kick-off this month in time of the 450th anniversary. A private-led group will handle the development of the site which will work on the framework of
development that was conceptualized during the term of former Mayor Joe Torralba with the late Chronicle editor-publisher Jun Dejaresco as the chair of the Sandugo Shrine Development Group.
City Administrator Edi Borja was tasked by the city mayor to personally look into the project
together with City Engr. Castolo and City Arch Tolang assisted on the design by Acht Nino Guidaben.

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