Japanese Panglao Airport bidder disowns jetty port

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Japanese Panglao Airport bidder disowns jetty port

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The controversial proposal to construct a jetty port in Tabo-an Beach, Purok 5, Barangay Tangnan, Panglao has drawn the attention of a Japanese contractor bidding for the construction of the New Bohol Airport in Panglao after its name was dragged into a festering issue by an anointed contractor of the Local Government Unit (LGU) of Panglao.
Katsuyuki Yamada, General Manager of Chiyoda Corporation wrote to the Editor of the Bohol Chronicle disavowing any relationship with C. Harrison Power Enterprise and Construction Service and categorically stating that the company is not their subcontractor.“For the record, we have never contracted the company named C. Harrison Power Enterprise and Construction Service about any part of the airport project, and the said company is not a subcontractor of Chiyoda-Mitsubishi Joint Venture in any way”.
The letter continued “Also, for your information, we have been independently studying a possibility of newly constructing a temporary jetty near the site for convenience in the construction work . .”.
The emailed letter to the Chronicle Editor on March 13, 2015 was also sent to Governor Edgar Chatto and Panglao Mayor Leonila Montero.
Provincial Administrator Alfonso Damalerio, chair of the New Bohol Airport Local Project Management Team of the Provincial Government and Yuki Todoruki, consultant of the Japan Airport Consultants both expressed surprise when informed about the proposed jetty port in Panglao.
Engr. Jose Raul Teleron, Chief Executive Officer, representing C. Harrison told SB members that the jetty port is a “component to making/construction of the Bohol Airport” as approved by Mitsubishi.
A Bohol Chronicle article on March 8, 2015 “Proposed Jetty Port draws scrutiny from SP” drew a response from the company after the article reported that Teleron told the Sangguniang Bayan (SB) of Panglao that the Japanese company was its partner in a proposed jetty port to be constructed in Tangnan, Panglao.
As borne by the minutes of the Sangguniang Bayan (SB) of Panglao during its regular session on February 9, 2015, Teleron twice name dropped the Japanese contractor saying “Ang pakiusap kasi ng general contractor, and Chiyoda Mitshubishi and JAC (Japan Airport Consultant) and the financier of the project – JICA, i-prepare and logistic ways para hindi ma-delayed yong project natin”.
Teleron again mentioned in the same session Chiyoda Mitsubishi “So malinaw sa survey at study namin, which is inapprove ng consultant natin, sa JAC at Mitsubishi na kailangan talaga natin na magtulung-tulungan na ma-approve yong propose natin na pier sa Purok V, Barangay Tangnan”.
Teleron successfully convinced the Sangguniang Barangay of Tangnan to approve the construction of a jetty port in Taboan Beach, Purok V, Tangnan.
Teleron also wangled from the SB the adoption of a resolution to recognize and authorize C. Harrison as the contractor and developer of the Tangnan port and the Bohol Panglao Airport
Municipal Councilor Francisco Montero sponsored the SB resolution while Panglao Vice Mayor Pedro Fuertes shepherded the swift approval of the assailed resolution.
However, the Barangay Council of Tangnan adopted Resolution No.03, Series of 2015 on February 23, 2015 declaring the formal withdrawal of all signatures appearing in a previous resolution approving the construction of the jetty port by C. Harrison.
According to well placed sources, The Barangay Council was deeply offended by the manner Teleron allegedly transmitted the resolution approving the jetty port to the SB showing a notarized resolution that was a far cry from the original.
The Barangay Council claimed that the original resolution was only a draft to be used for discussion and shall be formalized after a barangay public forum will be conducted to discuss the pros and cons of the proposed jetty port.
But to their consternation, a notarized resolution was presented to the SB without their knowledge allegedly by Teleron, according to the Chronicle source.
The SB Resolution that was apparently “railroaded” to accomodate Teleron also met stiff opposition from Municipal Councilors Joseph Jasper Arcay and Rogelin Degoma, chair and member respectively of the Committee on Environment.
Arcay and Degoma wrote the Sangguniang Panlalawigan (SP) expressing their vehement opposition to the proposed construction of the jetty port without any assessment of the potential damage to the environment.
The SP has set an investigation of the Panglao complaint with the Committee on Public Works, Highways and Related Infrastructure headed by 3rd District Board Member Dionisio Balite as the lead committee and the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Committee headed by 1st District Board Member Abeleon Damalerio.
During an emotional and heated discussion of the port project held at the proposed site in Tabo-an Beach, Purok 5, Tangnan on March 13, 2014, former Panglao Mayor Benedicto Alcala informed Teleron that the Barangay Council backed out from the project and adopted a resolution “declaring their formal withdrawal of signatures appearing on the document” that previously gave their nod for the construction of a jetty port.
Tangnan Barangay Captain Cirilo Gatase, Jr., acting as moderator also told Teleron that “I haven’t signed any MOA with your company even if I am authorized to do so” adding that the barangay council agreed that C. Harrison should submit their SEC registration papers and company profile, documents showing that C. Harrison is a legitimate sub contractor of the winning Japanese bidder for the airport and a copy of the PPA permit together with all development plans”.
Apparently Teleron appeared before both the municipal and barangay councils with nary a document to back up his claims as contractor/developer of the New Bohol Airport Construction and Sustainable Environment Protection Project.
Unfazed by the unrelenting questions from Alcala, Municipal Councilor Rogelin Degoma and several critics of the port project, Teleron informed the barangay officials and residents that the Philippine Ports Authority green lighted their application for a beachin/landing type of landing facility.
Firing the first salvo, Alcala who hails from Tangnan berated Teleron for misleading both the municipal and barangay councils over his claims that his company is the developer of the Panglao Airport.
“You have a condescending attitude towards our legislators treating us like a bunch of fools. Can you show us proof that your are a legitimate contractor/developer, as you claim of the Panglao Airport?”.
However, Teleron fumbled and was evasive “I am the regular supplier. I have a copy of the contract. I have a Purchase Order (PO)” to which Alcala retorted “I am asking for a contract not a PO”.
At this point Teleron revealed that he could not produce a contract since all sub contractors are only issued PO’s to circumvent the strict policy of Chiyoda Mitsubishi that only their authorized general contractor EEI should engage in the supply of construction materials and equipment.
Degoma denounced the special treatment accorded to C. Harrison citing a provision of a proposed MOU shielding the company from any complaints arising from the construction and operation of the jetty port but dumping the responsibility to the Barangay Council.
Excoriating the manner Teleron flaunted his disdain for prescribed processes in the execution of projects, Degamo said “We should respect protocol to enlighten stakeholders on the nature of a project”.
Degamo also cited the famed Napaling dive destination in Tangnan which has been attracting divers from all over the world.
But the Chronicle learned that there was still no clear winning bidder for the construction of the P7.2 Billion airport project since a protest from a lowest bidder is still being resolved contrary to the claims of Teleron that Chiyoda-Mitsubishi JV bagged the airport deal.
Refuting claims of an ongoing bidding protest that is awaiting resolution from the Japan funding agency, Teleron told the Chronicle that this protest has long been resolved saying “this is an old issue, the project has been awarded to Chiyoda-Mitsubishi”.
Six Japanese bidders vied for the contract – Maeda-toyo joint venture (JV); Taisei Corp.-Vatco JV; Shimizu Corp.; Sumitomo Mitsoi Construction Co., Ltd.; JGC-NIPPO JV; and Chiyoda-Mitsubishi JV.
Also, local contractors were dismayed by the pronouncements of Teleron that his company which is Ormoc based is now in the inside track as a sub contractor since according to highly placed sources from the local contractor’s group that priority shall be accorded to local contractors in the supply of construction materials and equipment.
C. Harrison is owned by Jeanifer L. Teleron and business address at Baguioville corner Buevida Subdivision, Barangay San Pedro, Ormoc City, Leyte.
The well attended public forum, although two hours delayed due to the late arrival of Teleron and the Mayor’s entourage was cut short for time constraints.
Montero pleaded to the residents of Tangnan to give the project their outmost consideration for the progress of Panglao yet apparently failed to require Teleron to present documents to back up his claims that this port project passed the stringent environmental standards required for this kind of project.
No mention was also made by the Mayor about the Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP) of Panglao classifying practically all their shorelines for recreational/tourism while a portion classified as mangrove/protected area.
A copy of the proposed memorandum of agreement between the Barangay and C. Harrison showed that the jetty port shall be for the exclusive use of the contractor for the loading and unloading of materials for the airport for a period of ten years.
The jetty port shall be operated by C. Harrison and shall pay the barangay P1,100 as docking fee for every barge while providing for docking space for fishing boats.
The proposed MOA has been set aside for further study by the barangay council. (CMV)

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