Almost P1-M shabu seized

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Almost P1-M shabu seized

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drug suspects
BIG HAUL. Police operatives seized P820,000 worth of shabu from three drug suspects arrested during a buy-bust operation in Panglao, (l-r) Freedie Estrada, Oliver Nanubag and Dondon Pantonial.

Police scored anew in the biggest haul, so far, this year from a recent anti-illegal drugs operation in Panglao that yielded P820-thousand worth of shabu.

The Panglao police team, led by Senior Inspector Joemar Pomarejos, in coordination with PDEA, first conducted a buy-bust operation on one Freddy Escondee Estrada in Poblacion, Panglao at 3:30 p.m.last Friday.

During the buy-bust, the police team confiscated five small heat-sealed sachets of shabu and the bundle of boodle money covered by a 500-peso bill on top from Estrada.

After frisking Estrada, the police team discovered two large packs of suspected shabu from his possession.


Also arrested were his companions identified as Oliver Manubag and Dondon Pantonial who yielded medium packs of shabu.

Authorities estimated the total weight of the packs of shabu recovered at 70 grams with estimated value of P820,000.

According to an intelligence report the arrested person came from Cebu and temporarily stayed in Panglao.

Also on June 19, around 8:15 a.m., the combined team of Tagbilaran City police and Provincial Intelligence Branch nabbed what they tagged as an elusive drug personality.

The combined police team nabbed Eric Manayaga based on an order of arrested dated November 24, 2014 issued by Judge Patsita Sarmiento-Gamutan of RTC Branch 51 in Carmen for violation of Section 5, Article II of RA 9165 with no bail recommended.

During the search incidental to lawful arrest, the composite police team confiscated from Manayaga, three medium sachets and six smaller sachets containing white crystalline substance believed to be shabu with a total estimated weight of 7.7 grams and, if proven to be shabu, has the estimated value of P90,860.


Manayaga also yielded assorted drug paraphernalia, one magazine with pouch for KG9 machine pistol, two steel magazines for M16 rifle containing 12 rounds of live ammunitions each, one firearm holster with sling; one black pouch, and a Honda Fitz car bearing the plate JFB 632.


In Loon, the Municipal Anti-Illegal Drugs Special Operations Task Group (MAIDSOTG), led by Senior Inspector Dennis Lumor, in tandem with teams from PDEA-Bohol, Bohol SWAT team, led Superintendent Nicomedes Olaivar, and the 4th RPSMC, arrested another suspected drug pusher during a buy-bust operation at around 1:45 p.m. on June 19 in barangay Moto Norte.

Lumor identified the arrested person as one Mark Angelo Sanchez, a 20-year-old resident of barangay Mocpoc Sur, Loon.

The composite police team caught Sanchez handing over a sachet of shabu with estimated weight of 0.06 grams to the poseur-buyer.


The police team also confiscated the 500-peso bill used as marked money, the Samsung cellphone and motorcycle that Sanchez used during the operation.

In Jagna, an alleged drug personality, identified as Al-Rhasid Appie Jikiril managed to elude arrest during a drug raid at around 9:40 p.m. on June 19 in his house at SSS Avenue in barangay Pangdan.


Jikiril fled upon noticing the approaching police team.

The police learned from the surveillance that Jikiril had been selling shabu in the area and the users would just get inside his house for a pot session.

Even as he had fled, the police team proceeded with the raid wherein they confiscated six packs of shabu estimated to weigh 0.24 grams, while its value had been estimated at P2,832.

The Jagna police team and the Bohol SWAT team conducted the raid based on a search warrant issued by Judge Dionisio Calibo Jr. of RTC Branch 50 in Loay.

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