Onanism and the Reproductive Health Law

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Onanism and the Reproductive Health Law

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The Reproductive Health (RH) Law took more than 20 years to pass Congress and signed into law.  Even if it is already a law it is not yet fully implemented because the Implementing Rules and Regulations are not yet crafted.  President-elect Rodrigo Duterte promised to implement the law and recommends a 3-child policy in a family.

The reason for the delay in enacting and implementing the RH Law is the strong opposition of the religious sector of society especially the Roman Catholic Church.

There are many good features in the RH law.  However, the Roman Catholic Church is against the use of birth control pills.   The Roman Catholic Church favors only the so called “natural method”. It consists of abstinence, rhythm method, and withdrawal.


Let us try to find which of the methods is found in the Holy Bible.

Old Hebrew Custom

In the Old Testament of the Holy Bible we are told that there was once a peculiar practice among the Hebrews regarding reproduction.  When a husband will die and did not have children, it is the duty of the brother of the dead husband to have carnal relation with the wife so that a child will be born.  The child will be considered as the offspring of the dead brother.


In the Holy Bible we will find in Genesis Chapter 38 the story of Judah and his wife having sons.  The eldest was named Er, the second was named Onan, and the third was named Shelah.

In Gen: 38, vers. 6-10 it says, “For his first son Er, Judah got a wife whose name was Tamar.  Er’s conduct was evil, and it displeased the LORD, so the LORD killed him.”


“Then Judah said to Er’s brother Onan, ‘Go and sleep with your brother’s widow.  Fulfill your obligation to her as her husband’s brother, so that your brother may have descendants.’”


“But Onan knew that the children would not belong to him, so when he had intercourse with his brother’s widow, he let the semen spill on the ground, so that there would be no children for his brother.”

“What he did displeased the LORD, and the LORD killed him.”

God’s Punishment


The evil conduct of Er displeased God and God killed Er.  It is clear from this statement that God gave the death penalty to the evildoers.  So therefore the death penalty is in accordance with the Bible.

What Onan did is now called “withdrawal”.  In former times it was called “Onanism”.  It is also clear that “withdrawal” or “Onanism” is punishable by death.


So therefore if the Religious sector will recommend Onanism or withdrawal, it will be against the provision of the Bible.  It is punishable by death.

If you will read the Bible there is no prohibition against birth control pills.  The lawyers will say, “If it is not prohibited by the law, then it is deemed allowed”.

So, which is in accordance to the Bible, Onanism or birth control pills?

Whom Shall We Follow?

The religious sector, especially the Roman Catholic Church is very vocal against the death penalty.  There are many who will argue that it does the commission of crime.

However, Er was killed by God not because of committing a crime.  It was because of his “evil conduct”.  An evil conduct is not necessarily a crime.

Onan was killed not because he committed a crime.  He was killed because what he did “displeased” the Lord.

In our present laws only heinous crimes are punishable by life imprisonment.  President-elect Duterte wants to impose the death penalty for heinous crimes.  The requirement of heinous crime is much stringent than “evil conduct” and “displeasure” punished by God with death.  Why is the religious sector against death penalty? (By Jes B. Tirol)

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