Sáyot (Fatigued; Exhausted)

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Sáyot (Fatigued; Exhausted)

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Sáyot is a Sugboánon Bisayan word that can best describe the situation of the world today. It is a word that means, exhausted, fatigue, fed-up, lost interest in, opt-out, and a general feeling of defeat and ennui.

Sept. 11, 2001 

Yesterday Sept. 11, 2021 was the 20th year since the destruction of the “Twin Towers” in New York, U.S.A. In retaliation the Americans attacked the countries of Iraq and Afghanistan. The Americans won the war in Iraq but lost the peace. In Afghanistan, after 20 years, the Americans through that they also won the peace but when the Americans announced that they will withdraw, the government that they have established immediately disintegrated.


However, U.S. President Joe Biden still continued his plan to evacuate the Americans from Afghanistan. After 20 years of fighting, and spending trillions of dollars and thousands American lives, President Biden was sáyot and gave up. We are not told that since the time of Alexander the Great, when it was still called Bactria, then followed by many invaders, Afghanistan has refused to be conquered.


The nearest translation of “lapiyo” is the French word “Coup de Soleil” or roughly “sunstroke” in English. Lapiyo is not only sunstroke but a general feeling of weakness and tiredness when exposed to the sun, especially when walking.

In lapiyo you will have a general feeling exhaustion, tiredness, and a “devil-may-care” attitude as to what will happen. There is a general feeling of defeat.


The Sugboanon Bisayan word “mínò” is translated in English as “ignis futuus”. It is a mental condition of being befuddled and confused and you will lost your way. Many people have already experienced the “minò” (Note: Including this writer.). The traditional native solution is to invert or reverse your shirt (Balihan ang sininà o kamissin.): do not laugh because it is effective. There is an explanation but it is not our topic.


In the Covid-19 pandemic it seems that our leaders are “gimínò”. The leaders throughout the world are confused. In the United States of American, President Biden say that he favors the face mask, then later on say that he is against, then in favour again. Some States requires face mask and some States prohibit face masked.


In the Philippines today, our Senate is investigating why the Department of Health (DOH) bought the face mask and the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).

Our IATF (Inter-Agency Task Force) does not seem to know what to do. Its proclamation are very confusing. They have ECQ, MGCQ, etc. and nobody knows what are really the rules. Different agencies have different interpretations.

Pres. Duterte’s Precaution


With the imposition of so many lockdowns (Bis: bilanggutánan) President Duterte insisted that Congress will appropriate funds to be distributed to the people to tide them over during the time that the people are prohibited to travel.

Congress have already twice made the appropriations known as “Bayanihan I” and “Bayanihan II”. The procedure how to distribute the subsidy have been solved and implemented. The known procedures how to distribute the money are effective demonstrations how to conduct “Vote buying” during the coming Year 2022 elections.


Model For Vote Buying

When money were distributed to the people, there were no complains why money was distributed. The appropriations were huge that it distorted the economic standing of the Philippines.

My question is, why is it alright to distribute money to the people during the “lockdown” and not alright to distribute money during elections? If you prohibit the candidates to distribute money, why will not the government distribute money just like that done during lockdowns?

Private persons and organizations organized the so-called “Community Pantry”. Food items are displayed and anybody can take what he needs. The intention was praised and allowed. However, people flocked to the place, it was discontinued because “social distancing” was very difficult to impose. Would “Community Pantry” be allowed during the campaign period and during election day? Do you think it will be “vote buying”?

Distribution Methods

The government has provided the example how to distribute money to the people. Some were distributed face to face with a list, others were through the modern electronic and e-mail. There were distribution through “G-Cash”, “Pear Padilla”, electronic banking, etc. The Comelec will be hard put to go after vote-buying.


At this stage of the election process where no candidates have yet filed, there are already squabbles and positioning done. It is clear that President Duterte is already “sáyot” and advises his daughter Mayor Sarah Duterte not to run for president.

However if the COVID-19 pandemic can be solved by December, expect that the situation will change to something being upbeat. How much more if the cure that is now being tested in the final phase will be successful then the election next year will be lively.

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