Rotary Club of Upper Tagbilaran and National Visayan Cultural Association: Are Sugboanon Bisaya Advocates

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Rotary Club of Upper Tagbilaran and National Visayan Cultural Association: Are Sugboanon Bisaya Advocates

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R.A. 10533, otherwise known as the K to 12 Law requires that the medium of instruction in Kindergarten up to Grade 3 will be the mother language of the child and from Grade 4 to High School the mother language of the child and from Grade 4 to High School the mother language will be the “bridge language” or auxiliary language to explain the lessons taught in English and Filipino.

The question is, are the school teachers knowledgeable in Sugboanon Bisáyà?  The official stand of DepEd Region 7 is that the teachers are knowledgeable because what will be used will be the colloquial Binisayâ.

The school teachers in the field admit that they do not know how to teach using the Binisayâ.


I know that the textbooks they are using are inadequate. I was a consultant when those textbooks were developed in Marikina City. The teachers were translating from an English text and prefer to use the “Binisayóp (Binisaya + sayop)” or wrong Bisáyà. As a result, I did not sign or approve the finish product.

For example: In English there are three (3) degrees of comparison which are the positive, comparative, and superlative.  In Binisayâ there are five (5) degrees of comparison such as dakô, dakô-dakô, labing dakô, kinadák-an, and kinadák-an kaáyo.  I call it positive, comparative, superlative, megalative and hyperlative.  (Note: The Pagasinan language has also give degrees of comparison.)

Now the MTB-MLE is implemented in the Grade 3 level and mathematics are now part of the lesson.  Since our colloquial Binisayâ does not have the proper mathematical terms, the teachers are at a loss what to do.

I have been teaching mathematics using Binisayâ to engineering students since 1998.  I want to help the grade school teachers.  The problem is the DepEd do not want their teachers to be taught mathematics in Binisayâ.

My teaching materials in Bisayan mathematics have been lectured to the officials of DepEd Region 7 (from Director to Supervisors), it has been lectured in national forums and became the basis for other regions to develop their own mathematics language.  It has been published in many academic journals including the “Mathematical Society of the Philippines Journal”.

For example, the word in English is “problem”.  In Binisayâ the problem that involves the mind is “gumonhap”.  The problem that involves the emotion is “suliran”.  If you will use the colloquial Spanish “problema”, it also means difficulty in Binisayâ.  Problema can even mean puzzle, which is tanghágà in Binisayâ.


So in Bisayan mathematics you must use the proper term “gumonhap”.  The word problem has many meanings in Binisayâ that is not connected with mathematics.


Rotary Club of Upper Tagbilaran

Last August 1 and 8, 2015 the Rotary Club of Upper Tagbilaran (RCUT) conducted a training seminar to sixty (60) incoming school teachers in Jagna, Bohol and environs.  The regular school teachers were invited but did not attend, except for four (4) teachers that dropped out after the first session.  The seminar was coordinated by a member of RCUT who is from Jagna, Bohol.

This year the president of RCUT is Atty. Jesus Bautista, Jr. He has adopted the training of the school teachers in Binisayâ as his main program during his incumbency.


RCUT will welcome a partnership with DepEd but experience has shown that DepEd is not interested.  What we will do now is to coordinate with the town Mayors because they are more interested.

If any group of teachers are interested to be taught the proper Binisayâ, just contact Atty. Bautista, Jr. or cell phone no. 0998-5493-518.


National Visayan Cultural Association

The Lubas Sa Dagang Bisaya (LUDABI) still exist as an ordinary organization.  After fifty (50) years of existence, its incorporation registration has elapsed and the national leadership of LUDABI was not able to renew it.  It no longer has a legal personality.

The LUDABI Bohol Chapter wants to continue its advocacy of the Sugboanon Bisayan language and decided to register in the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) another name that will have a legal personality.

Last July 26, 2016 the National Visayan Cultural Association Inc. (NVCA) was registered in SEC Cebu Extension Office.  It is a non-stock and non-profit association.  Its purposes are similar to the LUDABI.

If you want to be a member or have a seminar for teaching in Binisayâ, just contact Mr. Silvano Garsuta, Sr. or cell phone no. 0910-353-4031. (By Jes B. Tirol)

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