Liquor, drugs blamed in crimes vs kins

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Liquor, drugs blamed in crimes vs kins

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A day after the shocking murder of an 86-year-old man in Talibon by his own drug dependent grandson, another incident shocked Tagbilaran City where a young man attempted on the life of his uncle.

A 24-year-old laborer tried to burn his 53-year-old uncle alive while the latter was already lying in bed early evening on October 1 in barangay Manga, Tagbilaran City.

The perpetrator, Dionisio Mission Jr., voluntarily surrendered to the village head of another barangay, Tiptip, the following day.

At around 12 am on October 2, the Tagbilaran City Police Station received a call from Manga Barangay Captain Leda Saco, informing that an alleged burning incident transpired at Purok 6 in her barangay.


Saco told the police that the TARSIER 117, the quick response team of the provincial government, already rushed the victim to Governor Celestino Gallares Memorial Hospital for immediate medical attention.

PO2 Rofel Mendoza and PO1 Mayjurricko Arawiran- -both member of the quick response team of the city police station, and duty investigator- -PO1 Joseph Elic proceeded right away to Gallares hospital to verify the report.

The victim later identified as one Albino Mission, told the police officers that he was already lying in bed at around 7 p.m. on October 1 when his nephew suddenly appeared and without any reason, poured gasoline on his body and lit him.

The victim’s nephew, believed to be drunk then, fled without a word.

The following day, the victim’s nephew voluntarily surrendered to Tiptip Barangay Captain Toni Restauro.

The city police station’s quick response team personnel- -PO1 Paragoso and PO1 Penales- -immediately proceeded to Purok 3C in barangay Tiptip to arrest the victim’s nephew.


The perpetrator now faces a complaint of serious physical injuries.


Just on September 30, at around 5:40 a.m. in Barangay San Roque in Talibon, residents woke up shocked upon seeing their 86-year-old neighbor, Simplicio Item, lying on the ground near his house with his internal organs scattered beside his body.

A concerned citizen reported the incident to Talibon Police Station, prompting police officers, led by PO3 Arman Abadies, and four personnel of the Regional Public Safety Battalion (RPSB)-7 to proceed to the area.

Upon arrival at the area, the police officers saw the victim, a widower, already dead, the brutal way; while the perpetrator, who turned out to be his own grandson was already arrested by barangay tanods after being mauled by relatives.


Police identified the perpetrator as one Jeffrey Item, a 30-year-old a resident of the same place and grandson of the victim.

Neighbors believed the perpetrator was still high on drugs during the incident.


Based on investigation, the victim was just seen sitting in a nipa hut (salakot) near his house at about 5:20 a.m., while his grandson, who was allegedly mentally-ill, was also sitting outside his father’s house about ten meters away from the nipa hut.

According to Reynaldo Item, son of the victim and uncle of the suspect, who witnessed the incident, the suspect took a bolo and walked towards and attacked the victim.

The suspect hit first the victim’s forehead. After the victim fell on the ground, the suspect then dragged him to the lawn and started beating the victim on different parts of his body.

Reynaldo called out and tried to stop the suspect but the latter warned him that if would go near them, he would be next.

Reynaldo decided to run and ask for help but when he returned, his father was already dead with all his internal organs already taken out and scattered in the ground near the body.

After killing his grandfather, the suspect then hacked the pig and then destroyed the flat-screen TV of his uncle by punching it and decapitated a chicken and took it near the body of the old man and fled upon seeing that barangay tanods coming.

Marcelino Boniel, chief tanod of the barangay together with other barangay tanods and relatives of the victim helped each other in arresting the suspect who was subsequently turned over to the responding police personnel.

The suspect with the murder weapon was then brought to Garcia Memorial Provincial Hospital for medical attention as he also sustained wounds after fighting with his relatives and the arresting tanods before he was brought to the police station for proper disposition.

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