Security overhaul at BDJ soon -Chatto

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Security overhaul at BDJ soon -Chatto

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An overhaul of the entire security system at the Bohol District Jail might be what it takes to shake up what seems to be a shabu syndicate plaguing the jail facility.

Gov. Edgar Chatto expressed disgust on the unabated proliferation of drugs inside the Bohol District Jail which he said should stop and the authorities should be able to trace how they are sneaked into the jail facility.

The provincial government co-manages the BDJ with the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP), based on the memorandum of agreement entered into during the time of the late Gov. Erico Aumentado.

Chatto said he could not understand why anybody can just sneak illegal drugs into the jail facility when strict security measures are supposedly in place.


“We are not happy. Wa gyud ko malipay nga hangtod karon, atong jail ing-ana gihapon.Di gyud ko makasabot nganong makasulod nga gwardyado man,” Chatto said.

Gov. Chatto yesterday said he asked the  regional officials of the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP)-7 to reshuffle the jail guards at the Bohol District Jail (BDJ) as it had been found that proliferation of contraband continued inside the jail.

This came after another greyhound inspection conducted last Wednesday seized drug paraphernalia, tuba (coconut wine), cigarettes, sim cards, cellphones and an improvised vibrator had been confiscated.

The governor pointed out that while no pack of shabu had been recovered, the drug paraphernalia were enough to prove that drug use is still being tolerated inside the jail.

The confiscation of other contraband also indicates lax security protocol or laxity on the part of the jailguards in monitoring the activities of the inmates.

The governor also said that he would not hesitate to dismiss any of the Capitol personnel assigned at the BDJ if proven to be involved in sneaking of contraband into the BDJ or any other illegal activities.

On February 14, the combined team from the Provincial Intelligence Branch (PIB), Provincial Public Safety Company/SWAT Team and the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) confiscated 39 packs of shabu right outside Cell 9 where majority of the inmate are facing drug charges.

On November 20 last year, the composite team of PNP, PDEA and TaRSIER 117 confiscated 12 sachets of shabu with market value of P24,000.

On October 11 last year, plastic sachets with traces of shabu were recovered inside the jail facility during a greyhound inspection.

The series of raids had been conducted in the effort to trace the source of illegal drugs.

Chatto said he wanted to trace the route of illegal drugs- -from its source up to the hands of the inmates involved.

The governor had already instructed Provincial Administrator Alfonso Damalerio II to coordinate with the regional director of the BJMP.

While the provincial government can always revamp, pullout or reassign the Capitol personnel detailed at the BDJ, Chatto said he wanted a dialogue with the BJMP regional director, and the police provincial director to be able to implement conclusive steps.

Chatto said he wanted to trace where the laxity lies, that allows illegal drugs to flow in.

He said he had asked for recommendations regarding the findings on each of the personnel of BDJ.

The governor already set a meeting immediately after the CVRAA, with Atty. Mitchell John Boiser of the Provincial Legal Office, to be able to get the recommendations of all sides- -the BJMP regional director and the police provincial director.

The BJMP will be the one to identify the needed changes as far as the BJMP personnel are concerned; while the provincial government may reassign its personnel assigned at the jail facility.

Chatto said the provincial government is even thinking of dismissing its personnel who would be found having participated in the sneaking of shabu into the BDJ.

He added that evidence is not necessary to support the dismissal of a personnel, but just reports would suffice to pinpoint to anybody involved.

Chatto also said that since the police provincial director is new, he could see the situation in the jail objectively.

The police provincial director can also see objectively what is to be recommended whether on the security arrangement inside the facility, the management side, or the personnel side.

“As far as the province is concerned, we are ready to impose the needed discipline if there is evidence to support the involvement of a personnel,” Chatto said.

He said they can even change the entire security set up on the part of the province, while for the BJMP, it would be the regional director who would undertake it.

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