4 Boholanos die in apparent suicide cases in three days

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4 Boholanos die in apparent suicide cases in three days

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Four individuals died in apparent suicide cases in various Bohol towns in a span of three days.

The fatalities were identified as Aduebal Abiera, an overseas Filipino worker and a native of Alicia, Brigido Makinano of Anda, Arturo Yagong of Talibon and Ricardo Calimbo of San Isidro town.

According to police reports, the four men hanged themselves.

There were no indications of foul play in all four alleged suicide cases based on investigations made by authorities.


Abiera who died on Thursday last week warned his wife of his imminent death, police said.

“Tomorrow I will die,” Abiera reportedly said to his wife, who did not give weight to the statement.

Police said that Abiera was found hanging from the ceiling in the living room of his house in Barangay Cayacay, Alicia at 11 p.m. on Thursday.

He was still rushed to the Candijay Community Hospital but was declared dead on arrival by the attending physician.

Meanwhile, Makinano, 50, who hanged himself from a Guava tree outside his house in Barangay Bacong, Anda on Friday last week was reportedly facing a rape case.

Makinano appeared to have been severely disturbed saying that someone was looking for him after he was accused of raping someone in Leyte, said his live-in-partner who police did not identify.


According to Dr. Rosario Tinio of the Anda Rural Health, Makinano died of asphyxia.


In San Isidro town, Calimbo, 39, was found hanging from a tree outside his family’s house on Saturday.

Calimbo was suffering from a mental illness, police said based on statements from the Calimbo family.

He reportedly did not go home on Friday night prompting his family to look for him, but only to discover his lifeless body some 25 meters from their home at around 7 a.m. on Saturday.


Also on Saturday morning, Estillore, a construction worker, was found hanging from the ceiling of his home in Barangay Poblacionm Talibon.

According to police, Estillore was alone when he committed suicide as his wife was at the hospital attending to a family member during the incident.


He reportedly took his own life due to financial problems.

In a suicide note, Estillore asked for forgiveness from his family for not being able to support them financially.

According to Chronicle columnist and psychologist Kit Balane, family members should show support to those in distress or showing signs of despair.

Balane cited multiple reasons that could drive individuals to take their own lives including feelings of hopelessness and mental disorders.

“Ang uban naa ni silay psychiatric illness. Ika duha, kining sense of hopelessness. Siguro naa siya’y gihambin na sakit…na para niya, kung ipadayon ni, lisod na g’yud kaayo. Di na niya maantos, so ang escape ra g’yud ang suicide,” Balane said.

“Ang lain rason pud, long-term relationship issues. Sa bana o asawa ba kaha, sa ginikanan or sa romantic relationship. Naa puy uban na involved na lain party, para pud makapanimaws,” he added.

However, Balane noted that there have been instances when people committed suicide without showing any signs of problems or possible causes for taking their own lives.

“Although mao niy uban reasons na ang taw maghikog, naa g’yuy ubang mga taw na wa ta mag-expect. Kana bang kamao sila mo-mask sa ilahang gi-bati na kalisod inside,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Catholic Church in Bohol through Fr. Algerio Paña, chancellor of the Diocese of Tagbilaran, has expressed concern for the spate of suicide cases in the province. (A. Doydora)

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