Tagbilaran still tops in traffic-related incidents

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Tagbilaran still tops in traffic-related incidents

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A fatal accident causes a traffic jam near the National Irrigation Administration office along JA Clarin Street, Tagbilaran City on July 15, 2017. File Photo: Coolcat D Kiat

Tagbilaran City still topped the eight-month statistics on traffic-related incidents with 352 in the record from March to August this year.

Panglao followed with 129 incidents in the record of the Bohol Police Provincial Office (BPPO).

Loon ranked third with 58 incidents, followed by Loay and Ubay with 47 incidents each.

Fifth on the list is Sagbayan with 44 incidents, and Inabanga follows with 38 incidents.


Other areas in the top 20 were Baclayon, 38 incidents; Alicia, 36; Cortes, 35, Talibon, 35.

Candijay, Corella, and Dauis shared the next spot with 34 incidents each.

Guindulman followed with 28 incidents; then Maribojoc, 27; Bilar and Calape with 26 each; Mabini, 23; and Duero, 22.

The BPPO recorded 268 traffic-related incidents in March, which decreased to 265 in April.

The statistics slightly increased to 266 in May, but went down to 215 in June, and further to 196 in July.

The BPPO recorded 190 TRIs in August.


A total of 305 TRIs had been recorded in December last year.


The record dropped to 240 in January this year, and further to 213 in February.

Tagbilaran City also marked the highest record in traffic-related incidents from December last year to May this year.

The BPPO recorded 347 TRIs in Tagbilaran during the period.


The number is more than triple the next area in the ranking.

Ranking no. 2 in the 20 areas with most number of TRIs is Talibon which had 98 incidents.


Panglao followed with 69 incidents and Ubay which had 65 incidents.

Other areas in the ranking were Dauis with 65 incidents; Sagbayan, 59; Bilar, 52; Loon, 50; Cortes, 37; Getafe, 37; Alicia, 37; Corella, 35; Calape, 34; Baclayon, 31; Loay, 30; Maribojoc, 30; Catigbian, 28; Duero, 28; Carmen, 26; and Inabanga, 25.

In the 179 TRIs in January, eight died, 131 were injured and 40 were unharmed.

In the 170 TRIs in February, eight also died, 116 were injured and 46 were unharmed.

In March, the BPPO recorded 197 TRIs where 11 died, 142 were injured and 44 were unharmed.

In the April record of 173 TRIs, seven died, 114 were injured and 52 were unharmed.

The last week of May showed a sharp increase in TRIs with 124 incidents added to the 142 incidents on May 1-22.

In the period, May 1-22, five had died, 110 were injured and 27 were unharmed.

In late last year’s record, Tagbilaran City also ranked no. 1 in traffic-related incidents.

The record from October to first half of December last year shows that Tagbilaran posted 36 incidents during the period, followed by Dauis with 33 incidents.

Talibon and Ubay tied at the third spot, each having 26 incidents in the record.

Catigbian followed with 22 incidents, then Alicia with 20, Baclayon with 18 incidents, Sagbayan with16 incidents.

Cortes and Panglao tied at the last spot, with 15 incidents each.

In the case of Tagbilaran City, the specific areas of TRIs are B. Inting St. corner Espuelas St. in Poblacion II with incidents, Zamora St. in Dao District with two incidents, CPG Avenue corner Tamblot St. in Cogon District with two incidents,  V.P. Inting Avenue in Poblacion I with two incidents, CPG Avenue near Segundo Cockpit Arena in Taloto District with two incidents, Segundo Lim Cockpit Arena in Dao District with two incidents, San Jose St. in Cogon District with two incidents.

Other TRI-prone areas in the city are CPG East Avenue in front of Bodega Polinitas in Poblacion I, Darunday St. corner Pacifico Castillo St. in Dao District, Circumferential Road in front of Hilltop in Poblacion III, CPG North Avenue corner Peñaflor St. in Cogon District, J.A. Clarin St. in front of San Roque Chapel in Dampas District, Circumferential Road in front of Hilltop in Poblacion III, J.A. Clarin St. corner CPG Avenue in Poblacion I, Graham Avenue in Cogon District, Rajah Sikatuna Avenue in Dampas District, Upper Sto. Niño St. in Dao District, V.P. Inting Avenue near Villa Alzhun in Mansasa District, J.A. Clarin St. near Yukon Bldg. in Dampas District, Ubujan District, CPG Avenue in front of Metro Center in Poblacion II, Manga District, Aumentado St. in Cogon District, and B. Inting Extension in Cogon District.

In Dauis, the TRI-prone areas are purok 4, purok 5, purok 7, and purok 1 along the Tinago-Dao Highway in barangay Tinago where seven TRIs had been recorded; purok 1, Catarman Circumferential Road in barangay Catarman with three TRIs recorded; purok 7 and the Puntod area in barangay Tabalong with two TRIs; purok 7, purok 4, and Suarez Bridge in barangay Totolan with five TRIs; purok 6, purok 2, and sitio San Vicente in barangay Bingag with four TRIs; purok 4 and along the national highway of purok 5 in barangay Songculan with four TRIs; Biking II, and purok 4 of barangay Biking with two TRIs; barangay Mayacabac with two TRIs; barangay San Isidro; purok 6 of barangay Songculan with three TRIs; barangay Mariveles; and purok 3 of barangay Dao.

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