Dengue death toll in Bohol rises to 15

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Dengue death toll in Bohol rises to 15

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ALARMING. Dengue patients jam private and government hospitals during the past two weeks.

At least 15 persons, mostly children have died of dengue fever during the past 10 months, including four who died during the past few days.

Health authorities raised the alarm as all private and government hospitals in the city are experiencing excess patients now being accommodated outside the rooms. 

The latest fatalities who died during the last three days were Torino Jomar, 5 from Catagbacan Loon, MajahNarydenJosol, 11 of Catagbacan, Handig Loon, Steven Philip Ga-as, 9 of Pamilacan, Baclayon  andRasel Mae Bunajog, 7 of Tinago, Dauis.

Health authorities admitted the alarming level of dengue victims. However, this is  not in an outbreak level. despite the rise of the number of cases to 1,276 already.


Dr. Yul Lopez, provincial health officer 1, explained that dengue outbreaks occur when there is sudden or rapid increase of the number of dengue cases.

Based on health standards, there is no dengue outbreak in Bohol and the Provincial Health Office (PHO) closely monitors the situation.

The 1,276 dengue cases recorded in Bohol came gradually from January 1 to October 20 this year.

This based on the monitoring of the Regional Epidimiology and Surveillance Unit through the PHO.

It might be higher than the record in entire 2017, but it is lower compared to the highest number recorded in 2016.

In entire 2017, the PHO recorded1,028 dengue cases in Bohol with eight deaths which is much lower to the 2,878 cases in 2016 with 20 deaths and 2,872 cases in 2015 with 14 deaths.


In2014, the PHO recorded 1,616 dengue cases with six deaths.


It was only in August to October 2015 when dengue outbreak was declared because of the sudden rise of the number of dengue cases, but the situation was only contained in Sagbayan and not the entire Bohol.

It was based on the sudden rise of dengue cases in the town from June to the last week of September which reached 221 cases with one death.

Dengue outbreak was declared in Sagbayan by August that year until the last part of October.


This time, the dengue statistics shows that there had been 1,276 cases for the period, January 1-October 2018 which is higher than the record in the same period last year which only reached 854.

For the entire 2017, the PHO recorded 1,028 dengue cases with eight deaths.


Like in the past, Tagbilaran City still remains on the top slot in terms of the number of dengue cases recorded per area in the nine months of 2018.

Tagbilaran posted 148 cases with one death; followed by Trinidad with 116 cases.

Other areas in the Top 10 as to the number of dengue cases are Talibon, with 67 cases; Dauis, 66 cases; President Carlos P. Garcia, 60 cases; Ubay, 57 cases and one death; Carmen, 56 cases with one death; Cortes, 53; Bien Unido, 46; and Loon, 39 with one death.

Other towns where one death was recorded in each are Clarin, Buenavista, Calape, Sierra Bullones and Alburquerque.

Last year, Tagbilaran also topped as to the number of dengue cases with 219 in the record with two deaths; followed by Carmen which had 81 cases and zero death.

Other towns in the Top 10 last year were Talibon, with 77 cases with four deaths; Dauis with 64 cases; Panglao, 46 with one death; Loon, 34; Ubay, 32; Garcia Hernandez, 30; Sierra Bullones, 27.

For his part, Provincial Dengue Program Coordinator Leonidas Saniel said that the usual reason that dengue infection leads to death is the delayed consultation with the doctor.

This trend can simply be reversed by seeking early consultation which one of the precautionary measures promoted by the Department of Health.

The DOH espouses the 4S strategy in achieving a dengue-free Philippines by 2022.

Enhanced 4S Strategystands for Search and Destroy, Seek Early Consultation, Self Protection Measures, Say yes to fogging only during outbreaks.

The last S used to stand for “Say No to fogging”.

The National Dengue Prevention and Control Program of DOH is aimed at achieving a dengue-free Philippines and DOH carries out the mission to “ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages” and the goal of “reducing the burden of dengue disease”

DOH specifically aims to reduce dengue morbidity by at least 25 percent by 2022.

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