Evasco: NPA presence won’t increase with good governance

Evasco: NPA presence won’t increase with good governance


File Photo: via Margarita Villaroman

Talks of the possible increase in the number of New People’s Army (NPA) rebels in the province in case of his victory amused Bohol gubernatorial candidate and former Cabinet secretary Leoncio Evasco, Jr. who said that good governance will not lead to growth of the rebel movement.

Evasco pointed out that during the nine years he served as the mayor of Maribojoc town, he had not received of information about rebel activities in his area of responsibility.

However, he said reports of the presence of the leftist group were monitored in areas like Hanopol, Balilihan, and Danao where people are not contented of the services delivered by their local government officials.

“Kon aduna man ugaling mga rebelde sa Bohol atua kini sa Hanopol Balilihan, Danao ug uban pang bukirang barangay dinhi sa lalawigan, kana gumikan kay ang mga tawo nga nisulod sa walhong pundok, wala makontento sa gihatag nga serbisyo sa politiko nga nagdumala sa nahisgutang mga lugar,” he said.


Evasco, a former rebel priest, denied allegations that he maintained links with the NPA, noting that his involvement with the communist-led underground movement was limited to the days under the Marcos dictatorship.

According to Evasco, voters need to elect candidates who are not linked with past anomalies.

Evasco said his opponents are trying to confuse Bol-anons. The number of NPA rebels would most likely multiply if the Bohol electorate will choose candidates facing graft and corruption cases.

Bohol will develop if candidates who are “honest” and “honorable” will win on May 13, he added.

Bohol was declared insurgency-free in 2010 after it was previously deemed a hotbed of the communist underground.

Recently, however, NPA sightings have again been reported by state security forces including Philippine National Police chief General Oscar Albayalde.


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