Relief goods from Boholanos shipped to Davao

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Relief goods from Boholanos shipped to Davao

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Relief goods and cash donations received by the “Tabang Mindanao” donation drive of The Bohol Chronicle and DYRD for quake-devastated Mindanao have been shipped to Davao City.

The cash donations amounting to P851,789.00 will be sent to the Archdiocese of Davao on Monday while the relief goods are expected to arrive at the archdiocese relief distribution center in Davao City by 6 p.m. on the same day.

The Davao-bound wing van courtesy of Alturas Group of Companies will be transported via Cagayan de Oro City through M/V Lite Ferry which departs from the Jagna Port at 10 p.m. Sunday.

Archbishop Romulo Valles of the Davao archdiocese who is scheduled to travel to Thailand to meet with Pope Francis together with other Church leaders said he has designated Fr. Bong Dublan, archdiocesan Social Action director, to receive the donations.

DYRD reporter Jun Guiterez will accompany the delivery of the relief goods.



The additional cash donations until last Friday noon are: P50,000.00,  Bohol Quality Corporation;        

P20,000.00, Bol-Anon Multi-Purpose Cooperative (TACECCO);      

P10,754.00 , Brgy. Punsod, Maribojoc (P1-P7)  

P10,000.00  each  from Cong. Edgar Chatto and Bohol Light Companies Incorporated;

P6,500.00,  Court Legal Researchers Association of the Phils.;


P6,000.00 each from Baliola Family and Rena & Bita Guivencan;                     


P5,775.00,  Purok 7: Bliss Dela Paz, Cortes;         

P5,000.00 each from Anonymous (R. Palma St., Pob. 2), Arch. Glen & Mrs. Lantaka & Family, Dallette, and Pepito Narit Family;                              

P3,000.00 each from Justicor Vendor, Masco Family, Anonymous;


P2,500.00, Intensity Eleven Game Farm;

P2,470.00,  Prak;


P2,040.00 each from Sam bog Elem. School – PTA and DENR CENRO Tagbilaran City;           

P2,000.00 each from Mr. & Mrs. Rolando Villaber,  Tiptip Purok 3 – C, Tony Madera & Family of Jagna, Dondon & Mila Gutierrez, PI Tagbilaran City, Anonymous, Glenard Indac & Family, FIT Therapy Center c/o Dr. Chris Tan, Anonymous, Fedila A. Dolanas, Anonymous, Anonymous, VGMB, Anonymous, Anonymous; P1,860.00,  Bohol Light Companies Incorporated Employees; P1,500.00 each from Cindy’s Alsa Baso, Ibarra & Bersaluna Family – Site Ville, Dao, Anonymous, PCPT Ronie Conarco & Family, MADJ Guest House c/o Mayeth Jayectin, Antopina Family,  Requeron Family; P1,100.00,  Dawn Rosarian Cluster 1,3,8 (Payahan, Baclayon); P1,000.00 each from Anonymous (Pob., Baclayon), Reese Kendra P. Maglinte, EHCG – P.4 Dao, Tagbilaran City, Lacang, Mario, Anonymous MB, ACY Taloto, Silawan Famil, Anonymous (Sacred Heart Village), Anonymous (Baclayon),Pilar & Family, Anonymous CEY, Victor Tamala, Kuya Ed & Ate Carmela of Mansasa, Kaluha Flower Shop, Urbano Bantol, Anonymous (Dao), Ret. SPO4 Patrick Redu II a & Family, Domingo Family, Michael Nobert Lacang, Anonymous (Mayacabac, Maribojoc), Blaire Nina, Anonymous (Burgos), Anonymous (Aliguay, Maribojoc), Eduardo Macalandag, Anonymous (Dampas), Wilfredo Pinos, Genorosa Ravena, ECL, Gregorio Buntag, Mr. & Mrs. Jovenal Apayor, Mr. & Mrs. Regino Marfe, Mr. and Mrs. Lee, John Dave (Dampas), Arnces Family, Kag. Kam pay Pinat, NCA, Tessie of B. Inting Ext., Celoy & Greg Epe of Ubujan Dist., Anonymous Penaflor, Nangka Pass, Gudy & Ofelia Family, Mrs. DMI & Family, Anonymous, Anonymous Del, Boy & Ana Mijares & Family, RTC Branch 48 Staff, Torrejos, Ars & Family, Anonymous, Cinches Family, Uptown Phase 1, Lu Family, Kristi I Dotillos, Anonymous, Anonymous, ZMB, Anonymous, Anonymous (Panglao), Anonymous (Bool), Anonymous (Panglao), Efren Fullido, Anonymous (Mariveles), Mark Gerriez & John Rafael, Lisondra Itong Family, Wilson (Lindaville Phase 1), Anonymous (Lindaville Phase 1), Bomediano Family, Cheska, Miggy, Joaquin & Lyza, Amme Roselinda, Dahcel Pension House, Baquial, Celso, Jose S. Sulit & Family, Mcarthur Apellanes & Eugenia Apellanes, Hilda Pawnshop, Anonymous (Espuelas Ext.), Ahong’s Ngohiong & Fried Chicken, Aquileo Espejo & Family, Anonymous of Dampas, Loloy Ayeng, Bal bête, Chemee V. Lim, Anonymous (Taloto, Tagb. City), Talinda Family, Lim Dental Care Clinic, Tom’s Water Services, Anonymous (Bureau of Fire); P800.00, Steve Inting Family; P760.00, Danicop, Antequera; P700.00, Upper St. Nino, Dao Tagb. City; P600.00 each from Mcab No. 0466 & 2181 Bigcas Line, Mr. & Mrs. George Pilayre; P500.00 each from Dr. Ronald Pumatong, Tanny & Iket Mejias, Rudy Aida (Mansasa, Tagb. City), Mr. Patricio “Bobong” Catayas Jr., Kag. Wing Ochea, Anonymous RG, Clank Family, ABN 4140, Anonymous (CPG. North), Anonymous (Garcia-Hernandez), Democracy in Action do Bob Galero, Eleseo Penarijo, Margarito Parado, Anonymous (Bool), Jorge Fidela Sarabia, Jailex, Anonymous (Tinago, Dauis), DALM Bookkeeping Services, Mardy Malicse, 529, Rowena Concon & Family, Di boy Toledo I-FERN, Fudalan Family (Booy, Tagb. City), ROMB, EAA, JOST, Labrado Family, Eddie & Eva Flower Shop, Anonymous (Manga), Capitol Valley, Luciano Estoque of Dampas, Bobong & Daday, Noli & Imelda, Dodong Coritico, Joe and Fe, Anonymous Balilihan), Flor Estoque & Family, Tabalong, Dauis, Mr. & Mrs. Lagura of Ubujan, Pelere Family, Rose Pinat, Li baton, Gerardo, Rommel, Nepa Gabriella, Udtohan Family, Anonymous Tagbilaran City,  Candida “Dading” Mar, Anonymous (Sitio Ubos), Anonymous (Panglao),   Kawie, Nena Bomediano, Shiela Buot, Anonymous (Songculan), Anonymous, Anonymous (Ubujan Dist.,), Nida & Loraine Recio, Anonymous (Cabawan, Maribojoc), Orig, Elpidio, Babie Baricuatro, Lopecillo Family, Tito Ampoon (Panglao), Anonymous,     Jhun Lisondra, Anonymous, KNOWRL, Anonymous Brent Alagon, Viccar, Anonymous ( Canguining, Libertad, Baclayon); P400.00 each from  Anonymous AAG, Felisa Clenuar, Pooc Pantalan, Original Residence; P300.00 each from Mercendez, Christine, Anonymous (Maribojoc), Anonymous (Basak, Taloto), Anonymous, NEV, Kaliwat ni Colita, Anonymous (Mariveles), Roland Arcayna, Anonymous; P250.00 each from Anonymous (Bool), Anonymous, Megan May, Anonymous (Taloto, Tagb. City); P240.00,  Busai Anislag, Corella; P200.00 each from Lupe Lumantao, Anonymous (Carao-an), Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy Fegarido, Lito Mahinay, Janrel Ho & JM Ho, Anonymous, Josefina Bantol, Pepe Sinajon, Anonymous P1 Tiptip Dist., Anonymous (Pamaong Ext.), Butalid, Luciana, Anonymous, Villar Family, ADM, Anonymous, Anonymous; P100.00 each from Anonymous (Uptown, Ubujan), Margarito Taghap, Stephany Dumalauron, Ronaldo Somosot, Inday Ampong, Sima Gallares, Tubal Family, Anonymous (Pamaong St.).           


Relief goods shipped to Davao include clothes, blankets, towels, slippers and toys, among others.

The donors are: Ednilan Family, Anonymous Lamdagan, Queenie/Brian, Holy Rosary Chapel, Joel Senturas, Jesie Mantella, Capitol Valley Phase 1, Juliet Arajuez, Niaz Arayan, Louie Azarcun, Marilou Ticong, Ildefonso Jimenez, Jennifer Cailing, Melit Castillo, Mrs. Guadalupe Maisog, Lourdes Lamban, Anonymous Antequera, Cristine Mercedes, Mr. & Mrs. Dacullo, Cajes Family, Mrs. Bening Lopez, Mr. & Mrs. Sagpang, Mr. & Mrs. Edgar Lolong, Mr. & Mrs. Loloy Kobero, Nelson Talledo, Mr. & Mrs. Moises dela Torre, Mr. & Mrs. Martin Labastilla, Cora Tadlas, Anonymous of Dampas, Anonymous Balilihan, Coquilla of Maribojoc, Anonymous Baclayon, Helen Aunciado, Rene Maninantan, Bong, Anonymous Bool, Nanny of Bool, Anonymous Baclayon, Steve Inting & Family, Stella Pedrosa, Jeffrey Gagora, Bob Galero c/o Democracy in Action, Pilar & Family, Set Family, Jessa of Lindaville, Teogenes Tambis Jr., Tereso Cellacay, Anonymous Dampas, Vita Ibale, Anonymous Cabancalan, Mariflor Macabudbud, Margarito Parado, Rudy Gubat, Alberta Curaya, Alejandro Uy, Anonymous Baclayon, Christian Ratso, Eduardo Cebidan, Bolatete Family, DALM Bokkeeping Services, Teogena Dagoldol, Rato Family, Ronaldo Somosot, Angelita Fucanan, Mr. & Mrs. Lagura, Tommy Tan, Zosimo Astronomo, Anonymous Tagb. City, Anonymous Mansasa, Carol Potane, Anonymous Torralba Ext., Rosie Dolauta, Anonymous Purok 1, Tiptip, Tagb. City, Cabigon Family, Al-ag Family Baclayon, Anonymous Pamaong, Anonymous San Isidro, Niño & Jun Clarin Family, Santo Niño Chapel, Nepa Hontucan, George Udtohan, Cristil Bohillos, Anonymous Cogon Norte Loon, Allan Doydora, Bernaldez Rosalina, Rafael Cruz, Anonymous, Dr. Lim, Roland Arcayna, Nanie Ralma, Edgar Garcia, Bernardo Putong, Virgilio Orlasan, Kristel Angelie Roloma, Jill Elcana, Melyn Cuaco, Knowrl, Amor Balatero, Arnel Pob. III, DCD Anonymous, Anonymous Bool, Olive Ronaya, Atty. Gee Biliran, Fernandez Josse, Anonymous Dela Paz, Anonymous Dampas, Tropical Stay, Josias Datay, All-5 Store, Anonymous Dauis, ARD Family, Anonymous Tiptip, Efren of Taloto, VGMB, Junel Olino, Lopecillo Family, Rolando Alaan, Netnet Ceballos, Alesandro Sarapilingan Sr., German Deligas, Jabines Family, Conchita Haniose, Mr. & Mrs. Marcelino Manlangit, RJ, Rachel & Bjoy, Noel Lapaz, Bohol Tourist Multi-Purpose Cooperative, Dedeth Duterte, Cahatol Family, Anonymous Dauis, Bolofer Family, Aya-ay Family, Daria Clenuar, Pelere Family, Jail Alcana, Gerardo Libaton, Rose Pinat, Cinches Family, Junel Ipanag, Anonymous CPG, Anonymous Uptown, Reymundo Bulatete, Anonymous Libertad, Edie, Ela Flower Shop, Nida Toston, Zian Ember Cagampang, Anonymous Manga, DENR CERNO Tagb. City, Niño & Maam Colarines & Friends, Mr. & Mrs. Filemon Loquinte & Family, Anonymous Caraw-an Dampas, Anonymous Tiptip, Anonymous Tagb., Madadendon Pahang Family, Alecia Caybot, Diding Samute, Imelda Miculon, Anonymous Tan Family, Anonymous Mariveles Dauis, Lezundra Arlene, Ireneo Lupia, Dulce Amora Hontucan, Anonymous Gallares, Espuelas Ext DMC, Anonymous from HR, Gina Asero, Emmei Roslinda, Nida Loraine, Anonymous Panglao, Anonymous Guiwanon Baclayon, Anonymous Tagb., Romeo Balon, Adao Gipayo, FJS Tagb., Fullid Efren, Nenita Sumaylo, Rudy Borsis, Marvin Rolona, Tita Pud2x, Papit Dampas, Sonia Madelo, Rosemarie Ann Acasio, Toneth Galimba, Santiago Galagar, Nina Bomediano, Liza Visto, Kawie Mariveles, Limuel Araden, Buot Shiela, Anonymous Sambog Corella, Bohol Island Lions Club & Raymond Michael Roldan Club Restaurant, Anonymous Pamaong, Kayle Fathma Angalot, Anonymous Tiptip, Anonymous Bool, Anonymous Mansasa, Bong Maninantan, Sarabia’s Family, Evangeline Francisco, Luz Pangan, German Lopecillo, Vicente Laroy Jr. & Family, JBoy, Anonymous Maribojoc, Anonymous Baclayon, Anonymous Cabad, Balilihan, Anonymous H.D., Anonymous Dao, Anonymous HD, Anonymous Tinago, Anonymous Dao, Anonymous HD, Marbet, Idnilan, Kaluha Flower Shop, Jorge Sarabia, Vivensio Dao, Anonymous Burgos, Anonymous Panglao, Diosdado Pikinio, Andres Socong, Anonymous Cogon, Anonymous Bool Junction, Gendrugs Inc. (The Generics Pharmacy), Urbano Tiptip, Domingo Family, Ingracia Nomino, Inquito, Mr. & Mrs. Victoria Manlangit, Climaco Abucay, Gerry Estares, Boy Ciano Jr., Ojie Adtoon, Baniola Family, Jailex, Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy Fegarido, Mr. & Mrs. Dodong Bahalla, BSR Family, PROTA, Belly Quijada BHW, Anonymous Dasitam, Damalerio Store / Megan May Rebuya, Baguio Family, Anonymous Cogon, Marie Fe Quirigay, Josefina Lambo, Severa Lacea, Anonymous Uptdown, Mardy Malicse; Castro Family, George Asly Mumar, Edwin Rosario, Justicor Vendors c/o Edwin Rosario, Leo Rey Egagamo Lapaz, Anonymous Cabawan, Antonio Madea Pajina, Jesie Racho, Lolita Talestig, Jessica Alcala, Mayor’s League (BISU-MC) Ethyl Ejoc & Shaira Jean Jumawid, Holy Name University.

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