Gonzaga proposes P100,000 cash aid for Tagbilaran centenarians

Gonzaga proposes P100,000 cash aid for Tagbilaran centenarians


Tagbilaran City Councilor Dodong Gonzaga has proposed a measure that would increase the local government unit’s (LGU) cash aid for centenarians to P100,000.

According to Gonzaga who is a member of the council’s social services committee, the proposed ordinance which he sponsored will raise the current cash aid of P20,0000 by P80,000.

The increased cash aid would benefit both the centenarian and his or her family.

“Gituyo na nato kay aron ma encourage ng mga gatag og pagtagad or caregivers na pamilya nila na gamon gyud sila man pud later on maka benefit ana since ang centenarian di naman kaayo maka benefit kaayo sa kwarta,” said Gonzaga.


“Realistic man ta na anang puntoha, pag abot nimo og 100 di na gyud ka ka enjoy kaayo sa mga palitunon sa kinabuhi, ang maka enjoy ana ang gaatiman nila,” he added.

If the measure is approved, centenarians in the city will be getting a total of P300,000 in cash aid which includes P100,000 from the national government and P100,00 from the Capitol on top of the city LGU’s financial assistance.

The proposal has been transmitted to the committees on social services and appropriations.

Gonzaga hoped that the measure would be passed this year and the initiative will be allocated funds in through the city’s annual budget for 2022.

“Gi-discuss nana namo sa committee ug sa city budget unya mura’g kaya kuno,” said Gonzaga.

He added that the initiative may not be needing a large budget considering the low number of persons who reach the age of 100. (A. Doydora)


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